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Hennessey plans all-electric six-wheeled hyper grand tourer
01 Dec 2021
The project, codenamed 'Project Deep Space', will also sit four in a diamond configuration and still have space for four sets of golf clubs and luggage.
Etiqa now offers discounts on auto insurance the less you drive
27 Nov 2021
Get rebates of up to 30% of the basic premium the less you drive with the new 'Drive Less, Save More' feature from Etiqa Insurance Singapore.
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Land VTL to Malaysia to open come 29 November
24 Nov 2021
Only those that are citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders of the country that they are entering can utilise the VTL for now however.
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Trial run for Land VTL with Malaysia conducted at Causeway
24 Nov 2021
The Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry is working with its Malaysian counterpart on the final details of the Land Vaccinated Travel Lane.
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Cadillac Lyriq reaches development milestone
24 Nov 2021
Set to offer up to 335bhp and a range of 482km, the electric Cadillac Lyriq SUV is now entering the fine-tuning final stage of its development.
sgCarMart launches new car leasing platform with a seven-day return policy
23 Nov 2021
Make sure you're getting the best lease deal and a clean and thoroughly inspected car with sgCarMart's new leasing platform!
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A U.K. firm is converting Jimnys into compact trucks for farmers and off-roaders
23 Nov 2021
With a new chassis and a overhauled engine, the Yomper SUVs offer farmers and off-roaders an affordable option with decent cargo carrying capacity.
Apple Watch, Apple TV and now... An autonomous Apple Car?
20 Nov 2021
Apple's long-in-the-pipeline project is now skewing more than ever towards an autonomous electric vehicle, with an apparent 2025 launch target.
NUS bus shuttle service to go electric by 2023
18 Nov 2021
All that electric instantaneous torque is going to come in handy when service A1 and D1 have to do the run up to central library packed full of students.
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Brembo plants 14,000 trees to mark 60th anniversary
13 Nov 2021
The 14,000 trees from brake system manufacturer Brembo will sequester more than 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over 10 years.
Pick your sgCarMart Car of the Year for 2021 and stand to win up to $9,600 worth of prizes!
10 Nov 2021
Drove a car that impressed you this year? Now's the chance to share as we open voting for the sgCarMart Car of the Year 2021!
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Marbella's biggest 11.11 sales is now on
09 Nov 2021
Massive discounts, free installation, and plenty of other goodies are all yours to grab with the latest dashcams on Marbella's biggest 11.11 sale yet!
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Tesla-competitor Lucid makes first deliveries of its Air luxury sedan
01 Nov 2021
The luxury-EV space just got a palpable jolt with news that the first Lucids are taking to the roads (just not in Singapore yet, of course).
Pump prices in Singapore on upward climb as worldwide energy demand steadily swells
29 Oct 2021
Singapore's pump operators have taken turns over the last 3 weeks to increase their prices, with speculation that 95-Octane could hit $3/litre by 2022.
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Chevrolet reveals 2023 Corvette Z06
29 Oct 2021
The 2023 Corvette Z06 gets a new, 5.5-litre naturally aspirated V8 producing 661bhp and is now paired to an eight-speed gearbox.