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Porsche acquires majority stake in e-bike firm Greyp
23 Nov 2021
Porsche states it will deploy the knowledge it has gained from the battery-electric drive in its cars into the attractive and fast-growing e-bike market.
Kia to become carbon neutral by 2045 and aid global ocean cleanup initiative
15 Nov 2021
Kia has announced that it will electrify its entire European lineup and aid ocean cleanup efforts as it transforms into a sustainable mobility solutions leader.
Local manufacturer Scorpio Electric launches its X1 electric bike
22 Oct 2021
The Scorpio X1 features head-turning form and an all-electric powertrain that is good for a maximum speed of 105km/h and a 200km range.
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Faster deliveries in store from Deliveroo with firm co-sponsoring e-bicycles
13 Oct 2021
Yay or nay? The food delivery platform is co-sponsoring up to 50% of the cost for its regular bicycle rider partners to upgrade to an e-bike.
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AMAP recommends cyclists be allowed to ride two abreast
01 Oct 2021
Cycle two abreast if you want but keep to groups to 10 maximum, the AMAP has recommended in its report on on-road cycling in Singapore.
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The Audi Environmental Foundation installs new litter trap in the River Danube
27 Sep 2021
The floating litter trap is made of recycled plastic and will in turn, capture discarded plastic litter in the river to send for recycling.
The BMW i Vision AMBY pedelec can automatically limit its own speed
14 Sep 2021
Geofencing technology will ensure that the i Vision AMBY pedelec keeps to safe speeds in inner-city pathways, despite its maximum speed of 60km/h.
Kia EV6 achieves product carbon footprint certification
11 Aug 2021
The certification gives customers of the Kia EV6 the assurance that the carbon footprint of their vehicle throughout its lifecycle is minimised.
Harley-Davidson announces the arrival of the new Pan-America in Singapore
26 Jul 2021
The new Harley-Davidson Pan-America makes it debut in Singapore, alongside the rest of the brand's stellar MY21 motorcycle lineup.
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Cycle & Carriage, GOGOX, and IKEA Singapore launch emissions-free last-mile deliveries
08 Jul 2021
Its Maxus e Deliver 3 all-electric vans help to fulfil IKEA's last-mile parcel deliveries from IKEA's Alexandra store.
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Authorised Dealers eye a larger piece of the lucrative used car market
03 Jul 2021
Lucrative aspects of the used car business in today's shrinking COE climate is driving Authorised Dealers to grow their businesses in the segment.
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Superbike manufacturer Ducati presents the MG-20 e-bike
03 Jul 2021
Like Ducati's superbikes, the new MG-20 is exceptionally nimble and light, boasting a fluid and aerodynamic profile.
New restrictions kick in that ends import of errant PMDs and PABs
28 Jun 2021
The new restrictions are said to stem the inflow of non-compliant devices, which will improve fire and public path safety for all.
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LTA to E-scooter and PAB riders: Apply for your mandatory tests now
14 Jun 2021
Passing the respective tests will become compulsory come 1 January 2022, but you'll want to apply now if you're thinking of riding.
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Kia launches the new Stonic M-Hybrid in Singapore
14 Jun 2021
Customers will enjoy an exclusive launch promotion of a $2,000 cash rebate when they book the new Stonic M-Hybrid, valid till 11 July 2021.
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