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Lamborghini celebrates the fourth anniversary of the Urus Super SUV
05 Dec 2021
The Lamborghini Urus has stayed as the firm's best-selling model every year following its international launch in December of 2017.
Lamborghini displays the Hurcan STO at Art Basel Miami
03 Dec 2021
The design of the Hurcan STO is said to fit with the installation's mission to foster continuous experimentation in contemporary art.
Lamborghini launches new collection of goods which uses reclaimed leather
01 Dec 2021
The new line has been developed in collaboration with Cartiera, an ethical fashion enterprise that produces accessories using reclaimed leather and fabrics.
Lamborghini design-inspired villas in the U.A.E sold out
29 Nov 2021
A development of 40, six-bedroom villas in the United Arab Emirates, has sold out, marking success for the firm in its first move in the real estate arena.
Lamborghini reveals new Squadra Corse headphones and earphones
16 Nov 2021
The co-branded range of headphones and earphones from Lamborghini and Master & Dynamic are now available with the Squadra Corse colours.
Lamborghini Huracan range to integrate what3words technology
11 Nov 2021
The innovative technology is will allow Huracan owners to find new driving roads, or a VIP entrance to an exclusive venue with just three words.
Lamborghini sees largest gathering of its cars yet in support of Movember
10 Nov 2021
1,500 Lamborghini paraded around the world in cities including New York, Sydney, London, Bangkok, Rome, and Cape Town in order to support the Movember movement.
Lamborghini and Movember kickstart collaboration at Blenheim Palace
09 Nov 2021
Over 200 Lamborghini cars and their owners gathered at Blenheim Palace to kickoff a worldwide initiative to raise awareness for men's health issues.
Lamborghini launches its new 2021 kidswear autumn collection
08 Nov 2021
The new 2021 kidswear collection for the autumn and winter season from Lamborghini and Kabooki is now available online.
Lamborghini gets Paolo Troilo to finger paint on a Huracan EVO
05 Nov 2021
The artwork is described as an expression of the dynamism, power, and innermost emotions that the artist experienced while driving the Huracan EVO.
Lamborghini joins Movember movement
30 Oct 2021
Some 1,500 Lamborghinis will take to the streets of major cities around the world sporting a moustache sticker to spread awareness of men's health issues.
Lamborghini reveals more of the Countach LP 500
22 Oct 2021
Lamborghini has revealed more photos of the reconstructed Countach LP 500 as it gets officially revealed at the Vizzola Ticino racetrack.
Lamborghini uses biomethane to power its Sant'Agata plant
16 Oct 2021
The new biomethane power source will enable a reduction of close to 11,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.
Lamborghini Urus traveses the Umling La Pass 5,880m above sea level
13 Oct 2021
A Lamborghini Urus has just proven its mettle by traversing the highest drivable road at the top of the Umling La Pass in India.
Lamborghini recreates the LP 500 Countach concept
02 Oct 2021
Hand-built in a faithful recreation that consumed over 25,000 hours of work, Lamborghini has recreated the LP 500 Countach concept.