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Car Review - Cupra Ateca 2.0 TSI DSG (A)
12 Mar 2020
Cupra, Seat's performance division, has taken a step away from the mothership to become its own, and its first fast car for the road is based on the Ateca SUV.
Idris Talib, photos by Low Fai Ming | 14,875 views | CUPRA Reviews
Comparison - Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 TSI DSG & Volkswagen Golf R 2.0 TSI DSG
19 Mar 2018
The Seat Leon Cupra is a more fun proposition against the quicker Volkswagen Golf R but the latter remains to be more refined.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 31,194 views | Volkswagen Reviews
Car Review - Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 TSI DSG (A)
09 Jun 2017
The more brutal Spanish cousin of the Volkswagen Golf GTI - the Seat Leon Cupra - gives the German hot hatch a run for its money.
Anthony Lim, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 29,175 views | SEAT Reviews