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The probable sales gap between the 2016 and 2021 Vezels shows that car releases in Singapore are all about timing
07 Oct 2021
Arriving only 5 years later, and amidst changing market winds and a COE price resurgence, the latest Vezel stands little chance of replicating 2016's success.
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7 popular private hire cars for Grab rental and where to rent them
29 May 2020
Thinking of becoming a private hire driver? We select seven of the best private hire cars for you to choose from and list out where to rent them.
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Top 20 cars you can buy now with the lowest dealer mark-up (2020 edition)
29 Feb 2020
Some car dealers willingly make lower profits to attract customers. Here's the top 20 cars with the lowest dealer profit margins - the best deals you can get!
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Manufacturers | 42,776 views | Car Buying Advice
Honda reveals most sophisticated HR-V ever with refreshed styling
14 Aug 2018
Honda has revealed the first details of the 2019 HR-V, which features enhanced exterior styling, updates to the interior and a range of advanced technologies.
Uber fixes all fire-prone Honda Vezels in Singapore
18 Aug 2017
All of Uber's 1,220 faulty Honda Vezels have been recalled and have had their fire-prone parts replaced, according to the Land Transport Authority.
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Defective Uber cars fixed? Only nine percent rectified: LTA records
05 Aug 2017
Land Transport Authority records show that only nine percent, out of 1,200, of Uber's fire-prone Honda Vezels have been fixed.
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Uber leased more than 1,000 fire-prone Honda cars in Singapore
04 Aug 2017
Uber's car-lending programme is facing new questions after the company leased over 1,000 Honda cars in Singapore that were prone to fires.
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Firm faces court case over undelivered car
04 Jul 2017
Civil servant Mr. Mohamed Anwardeen is taking parallel importer SG Vehicles Global to court over an undelivered car, which he ordered over a year ago.
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12 ways to zhng your Vezel without breaking the bank
20 Mar 2017
How do you stand out in a sea of lookalike Honda Vezels without breaking the bank? Check out these 12 affordable items you can get to zhng your Vezel.
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Hybrid cars are hot in Singapore
06 Mar 2017
According to statistics from the Land Transport Authority, there were 10,848 petrol-electric hybrid cars on Singapore roads as of January this year.
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Car Review - Honda Vezel Hybrid 1.5 X (A)
03 Oct 2016
The Honda Vezel Hybrid is a green crossover that takes fuel efficiency and driveability to a whole new level.
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Honda Vezel is top selling parallel import model
22 Jul 2015
Registrations of parallel import vehicles were led by Honda Vezel, a domestic Japanese version of the Honda HR-V sold here by authorised distributor Kah Motor.
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Honda's small SUV tops sales chart for parallel imports
07 May 2015
The Vezel from Honda has powered past the traditional Toyota model to claim the mantle as Singapore's most popular parallel import (PI) model.
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Honda HR-V Crossover to mark North American debut in L.A.
24 Oct 2014
Honda HR-V urban Crossover to Make North American Debut at 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show in addition to the 2016 Acura ILX.
Honda to begin sales of the Vezel in Japan
23 Dec 2013
The new Vezel brings together the dynamic qualities of an SUV, the elegance of a coupe and the functionality of a minivan bundled to excellent fuel economy.