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Kia's new identity - radical transformation
20 Jan 2021
Embracing electrification and digitalisation is all the rage now, but here's why Kia's recently announced transformation could be the most significant yet.
Clarence Seow, Images by Kia | 1,337 views | Features
Take a walk through the 2020 Singapore Motor Show to see some of the latest cars
09 Jan 2020
We take a walk with our Editor through the two floors of the Singapore Motor Show to spot the best cars and their standout features!
Clarence Seow | 9,439 views | Features
New cars of 2020
01 Jan 2020
As 2019 comes to a close, we preview all the new car models that are slated to be launched here in Singapore in the upcoming year.
Desmond Chan | 32,744 views | Features
Thinking about a hot hatch? Here are three left-field alternatives instead
10 Jul 2019
We all love a hot hatch, but what if you wanted something a little less ordinary? Here are three interesting alternatives to your typical hot hatch.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 16,180 views | Features
Eight best buys at the Singapore Motor Show 2019
11 Jan 2019
There are many reasons not to miss the annual Singapore Motor Show, the crucial one being the deals offered. Here are the eight best buys you should consider.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Desmond Chan | 48,263 views | Features
Embracing the technology of the future at the Los Angeles Motor Show
30 Nov 2018
This year's Los Angeles Motor Show saw multiple new cars launched, many of which feature technology that is clearly geared towards a changing automotive future.
Desmond Chan in Los Angeles, U.S.A | 3,131 views | Features
Five best buys at the Singapore Motor Show 2018
12 Jan 2018
The yearly Singapore Motor Show may feature the automotive industry's latest and greatest but here are five best buys for car buyers on a budget.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Anthony Lim | 36,641 views | Features
Six things you must check out at the 2018 Singapore Motor Show
11 Jan 2018
With a wide-ranging number of new car models and products on display at the 2018 Singapore Motor Show, we pick out six must-see highlights.
Desmond Chan, Photos & video by Desmond Chan and Low Fai Ming | 14,952 views | Features
sgCarMart Car of the year 2017: The Perfect 10
29 Dec 2017
We honour 10 winners of this year's sgCarMart Car of the Year awards, which have especially stood out during our time behind their wheels.
Editorial Team | 15,385 views | Features
10 cars that fooled us into thinking they are fast
15 Aug 2017
There are some cars that look faster than their actual performance suggest. We look at some popular models that are all show and not much go.
Text by Ben Chia, Photos by Manufacturers, Design by Adam Ging | 24,641 views | Features
We round up seven of the most stylish compact city cars at this year's GIIAS
26 Aug 2016
In lieu of severe traffic jams and narrow roads, this year's Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show placed special emphasis on stylish compact city cars.
Sabrina Lee in Jakarta, Indonesia | 12,004 views | Features
The modern executive meets the family man
13 Apr 2016
Desmond puts himself in the shoes of a young executive dealing with the automotive demands of a blooming career and a growing family.
Text by Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 13,980 views | Features
MCF takes the whole family out for a fun-filled day with Kia
18 May 2015
It was yet another exciting MCF Hangout, as MCF members and their family enjoyed a joyous Saturday afternoon with Kia and its lineup of cars.
13,347 views | Features
Kia Soul offers a soul awakening experience
17 May 2012
The Kia Soul adds more character to a car that already had plenty of it when it was introduced in 2010. What do Julian and Nicholas have to say then?
Text and Photos by Julian Kho & Nicholas Low | 9,507 views | Features
Results for Car of the Year 2009
30 Dec 2009
After more than two weeks and with a total of 1,697 votes cast, the results are in and the winners have been decided!
13,633 views | Features