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Volkswagen rolls out aftersales packages with added value and savings
21 Sep 2018
Servicing and maintaining your Volkswagen is now more rewarding, thanks to Volkswagen Centre Singapore's latest selection of aftersales packages.
Text and Photos by Idris Talib | 7,993 views | Features
A round of Golf to North East Malaysia
18 Oct 2018
We took the Volkswagen Golf, Golf Variant and Golf SV over a thousand kilometres up to Terengganu, Malacca and back.
Nigel Yong in Terengganu, Malaysia, Photos by Nigel Yong & Eric Chen | 98 views | Features
Volkswagen brings cars to life with lighting design
16 Oct 2018
While round headlights still characterised the lighting of the Beetle and the first Golf generation, a vehicle's exterior design has the expression of the car.
The new Volkswagen T-Cross and its Pedestrian Monitoring
16 Oct 2018
Volkswagen presents the first trailer showing glimpses of the unveiled T-Cross, the new SUV that will be launched with numerous assist systems.
First Drive - Volkswagen Golf SV 1.4 TSI DSG (A) Highline
12 Oct 2018
The Volkswagen Golf SV is a compact MPV that offers more space and versatility than a regular Golf and is just as competent on the go as its hatchback sibling.
Nigel Yong in Terengganu, Malaysia, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 4,382 views | Volkswagen Reviews
Volkswagen presents the Polo GTI R5 to customers
11 Oct 2018
Choice of colours and graphic patterns on the Polo GTI R5 underline just how similar the new rally car is to the standard GTI models.
Volkswagen and Siemens make crossroads safer
09 Oct 2018
New functionalities are developed by Volkswagen and Siemens for the local exchange of information between vehicles and the digital transport infrastructure.
Volkswagen Chattanooga hits production milestone
09 Oct 2018
Volkswagen Chattanooga announced that it achieved a production milestone with the completion of 100,000 Volkswagen Atlas SUVs.
Volkswagen accelerates e-mobility for the masses
08 Oct 2018
The I.D. family is set to make e-cars affordable for millions of people; the first vehicles of this new generation of e-cars will make their debut in 2020.
Scott Speed wins fourth consecutive championship at Americas Rallycross finale
05 Oct 2018
In its third one-two finish of the season, Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross earned a fourth-consecutive championship for Scott Speed.
Facelift - Volkswagen Golf Variant 1.4 TSI DSG (A)
05 Oct 2018
Subtle updates to the Golf Variant has made it more comfortable and refined than before, and is an alluring alternative to the typical hatchback.
Desmond Chan | 4,986 views | Volkswagen Reviews
Volkswagen and Microsoft announce strategic partnership
02 Oct 2018
Entering into a strategic partnership, Volkswagen and Microsoft will collaborate to develop the 'Volkswagen Automotive Cloud'.
Volkswagen to use virtual test drives to make new assistance systems road-ready
27 Sep 2018
Volkswagen expects faster and more efficient development processes through virtual validation to make assistance systems production ready.
Volkswagen to use virtual test drives to make new assistance systems
27 Sep 2018
In future, Volkswagen intends to make new driver assistance systems production-ready even faster, also using virtual validation.
Tanner Foust claims hard-fought podium finish at inaugural Nitro Rallycross
26 Sep 2018
Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross battled a tough track and intense competition to gain a top finishing position in their first visit to the Nitro World Games.