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COE premiums rise across all categories in the first bidding session since April
08 Jul 2020
COE premiums rose across all car categories for the first bidding round of July - the first bidding session since circuit breaker measures were imposed.
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6 things to note before you renew your COE for five or 10 years
06 Jul 2020
When renewing your COE, should you renew it for five or 10 years? Here are six things to consider before committing.
Text by Alexandra Cheung, Photos by Newslink | 4,110 views | Car Buying Advice
7 things to know before scrapping or exporting your car
30 Jun 2020
A guide to scrapping or exporting your car, calculating your scrap & deregistration value and how to get a higher selling price when your COE expires
Text by Alexandra Cheung, Photos by Newslink | 4,379 views | Car Ownership Advice
COE bidding to resume on 6 July 2020
18 Jun 2020
The Land Transport Authority has announced that COE bidding exercises will resume on 6 July 2020, as motor dealers begin to resume operations.
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How to transfer vehicle ownership or deregister a car online through LTA
18 Jun 2020
Deregistering your car and paying the vehicle transfer fee is just a few clicks (and a Singpass) away through the One Motoring website.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, One Motoring | 4,781 views | Car Ownership Advice
A simple guide to COE renewal: How & when should you renew
29 May 2020
Unsure on how to renew your COE, or wondering what is the PQP? We'll walk you through how to renew your COE before it expires with this simple drivers guide.
James Chan, Photos by Editorial Team, Google Maps, OneMotoring | 7,773 views | Car Ownership Advice
The drivers guide to the end of circuit breaker
27 May 2020
Here's a few things you might want to start preparing for before we enter phase one in June so you don't miss out while everyone is busy settling in.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Editorial Team, Newslink | 6,530 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Motor traders appeal for vehicle sales to resume
25 May 2020
Motor traders have sent an appeal to the government to allow vehicle sales to resume when the circuit breaker is lifted next month.
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COE bidding to remain suspended after circuit breaker ends
22 May 2020
The Land Transport Authority has clarified that COE bidding will continue to be suspended until motor dealerships and showrooms are allowed to reopen.
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COE and road tax will continue to apply to private cars
06 May 2020
Private car owners will have to continue paying for COEs and their road tax plus vehicle licensing fees during the circuit breaker period.
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LTA announces adjustments for extended circuit breaker period
29 Apr 2020
The LTA has announced a suite of changes to aid in reducing the spread of COVID-19 during the extended circuit breaker period.
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Should I renew my car COE in 2020?
29 Apr 2020
In the midst of a pandemic and economic recession in 2020, should you be thinking of renewing your COE? Here are six things to consider.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Editorial Team and Onemotoring | 9,092 views | Car Ownership Advice
Anticipating the effect of COVID-19 on COE prices
07 Apr 2020
With the suspension of COE bidding in April and the on-going COVID-19 situation, we anticipate what effect this will have on May COE prices and beyond.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Manufacturer | 40,820 views | Features
COE bidding exercise for April suspended amid safe distancing measures
06 Apr 2020
COE bidding exercises for April will be suspended following the closure of motor vehicle showrooms during the period of safe distancing measures.
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COE bidding likely to be postponed, say motor traders
04 Apr 2020
Industry watchers think it is likely that COE bidding will be postponed, given the new stringent measures announced to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.
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