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Sgcarmart Drivers' Choice Awards 2022 - Best aftermarket products for your car
22 Aug 2022
From tyres to car care products and even in-car entertainment systems, Sgcarmart Drivers' Choice Award 2022 showcases the best aftermarket products of the year!
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Sony to launch new XAV-AX3200 in-car media receiver here in Singapore
24 Sep 2021
The Sony XAV-AX3200 will offer up smartphone compatibility as well as the option to hook up with a host of other audio devices.
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Bentley partners with Lifescore to create adaptive music
04 Jul 2021
Bentley's technology can now create music that takes into account changing driving conditions and the driver's style.
Sony announces the XAV-9500ES in-car media receiver
28 Jun 2021
The Sony XAV-9500ES features innovative technology that raises the bar for the premium in-car listening experience.
Pioneer launches Hi-Res Special Edition sound system
27 Jun 2021
Pioneer's latest speaker systems deliver vivid audio that captures all the intricate details in every piece of music.
The Audi sound system: Tailor-made acoustics for every Audi model
17 May 2021
Audi's sound engineers have set an ambitious goal for themselves: Recreating music in the way that artists originally recorded it.
Sony launches the XS-AW8 compact subwoofer
13 Oct 2020
The XS-AW8 subwoofer allows customers to gain bass without losing car space, providing hassle-free punch and presence to the music in any car.
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Naim and Bentley collaborate on new products
15 Sep 2020
Two exclusive new premium audio products are making their debut, a result of Bentley's long-standing partnership with Naim Audio.
Autoimage now offers Passione Audio Products
30 Aug 2020
Autoimage Enterprise is now the authorised distributor for Italian Esatto and Passione Audio products in South East Asia.
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Continental and Sennheiser revolutionise vehicle audio
07 Jan 2020
The speakerless 3D immersive audio system by Continental and Sennheiser achieves excellent acoustics by exciting surfaces inside the vehicle to produce sound.
Pirelli launches motorsport-inspired speakers
26 Jul 2018
Pirelli has joined forces with an Italian firm from Modena that specialises in high-end car audio, to create a new sound experience inspired by motorsport.
Pioneer offers unparalleled value with its A-series car multimedia receivers
14 Dec 2017
Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, a leader in aftermarket car audio, today announced the release of AVH-A205BT and AVH-A105DVD.
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New Pioneer Z & D series speakers created to evoke 'Bold in the Details'
13 Dec 2017
Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, an in-car entertainment market leader, launches its latest 2018 speakers, led by the flagship Z series and premium D series.
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Pioneer redefines audio perfection in the car with new range of products
08 Oct 2015
Pioneer has launched its new range of in-car entertainments product that promise greater sound quality, connectivity and usability.
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Pioneer presents its most advanced in-car speakers to local drivers
05 Apr 2015
Pioneer has launched its latest D-Series speakers, which feature the firm's cutting-edge construction technology, in Singapore.
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