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The all new Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon offers buyers a new choice in the premium compact sedan segment.

18 Sep 2019

Mercedes-Benz's latest generation MFA2 (Modular Front Architecture) platform has spawned a host of models for the brand - the new fourth generation A-Class shares the same underpinnings with the CLA-Class, and the B-Class as well as the new GLB-Class.

The latest iteration of this formula to be made available in Singapore is the car you see here - the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon. 

A-Class Saloon? Never heard of that before. 

Over its four previous generations, the A-Class, Mercedes subcompact class offering, had only ever been offered in hatchback form. Thus, buyers seeking a four-door 'sedan' model had to go for the CLA-Class instead. It's certainly more stylish and sleek-looking, but the raked roof and compromised rear space eat away at the model's practicality.

The new A-Class Saloon offers buyers a four-door alternative to the CLA-Class

Thus, Mercedes has now made this A-Class Saloon. Based on the new fourth generation W177 A-Class Hatchback, this Saloon variant (model code V177) is purportedly a more sensible and practical version of the CLA-Class Coupe.

So it's an A-Class with a backside? 

What's different, then? Well, not a ton, to be honest. The sedan shape offers the car more space in the rear cabin. The 944mm rear headroom is segment leading, and is 36mm more than the CLA-Class.

The 944m rear headroom makes for a reasonably spacious and comfortable rear cabin

The A-Class Saloon also packs a 420-litre boot with a large 950mm width. That's 50 litres more than the hatchback, though a tad less than the CLA's 460 litres.

The rest of the car is reassuringly familiar. The cabin is comfortable, premium and high-tech. You get the new generation infotainment system, complete with the twin 10.25-inch displays and the MBUX voice assistant. There's 64-colour ambient lighting, built-in navigation and smartphone integration as well, so all your day-to-day needs will be covered.

On the road, the A-Class Saloon is, well, an A-Class. It's comfortable and light on its feet. The steering is light, so manoeuvring the car is a breeze. The powertrain gets the job done - the 1.4-litre engine produces 161bhp and 250Nm of torque. Power comes easily, but the drivetrain still lacks refinement and makes a fairly unsavoury sound when worked hard.

The A-Class Saloon's 420-litre boot trumps its hatchback sibling by 50 litres

Our AMG Line test car also comes fitted with the 15mm lowered comfort suspension, but the ride is still entirely pleasant and comfortable. The Adaptive Damping system also allows you to toggle between Comfort and Sport suspension. We actually find Sport to be the ideal setting, with Comfort allowing a tad more suspension travel than we'd personally like. 

A sensible choice, then?

The new A-Class Saloon slots into a very particular space within Mercedes' compact model lineup. Mercedes saw a gap between the A-Class hatchback and CLA-Class (a roughly $20,000 gap for the Singapore market), and has created this car to fill that gap. Did it absolutely need filling? Probably not, but the business case is undoubtedly there.

Comfortable, practical and priced just about the same, the new A-Class Saloon offers buyers a sensible alternative to the hatchback

The good news is that this car doesn't feel cynical - it's well-designed, well-built and well-equipped, and buyers looking for a sensible and practical alternative can't go wrong choosing this car. Priced just $2,000 more than the equivalent A-Class Hatchback, there's no denying the increased practical appeal of this A-Class Saloon. 

Car Information



: -

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line Turbocharged

Engine Cap





119kW (160 bhp) / 5500 rpm



250 Nm / 4000 rpm



7G-DCT (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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