COE Renewal? Here are the 5 key things you should take note of
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In recent years, we've seen more and more drivers opting for COE renewal. If you are planning to do so, here are 5 key things you should take note of.

According to LTA statistics, there has been a significant rise in COE renewal in recent years. In 2019 from January to September, Cat A 10-year COE renewal have already almost tripled that of 2017.

These trends can be attributed to a few financial factors, such as the high costs of new cars and high COE premiums. Additionally, some drivers may just decide to extend the COE on their cars simply because it's more convenient than having to go through the process of searching for and purchasing a brand new car.

However, the choice of COE renewal for your car should be contingent on a few factors. Here, we highlight five key things you should take note of if you are thinking of COE renewal for your car.
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1. Mileage

Your car's mileage is one indicator (though by no means definitive) of its overall condition. Obviously, a high mileage car is going to be more 'exhausted' than a low mileage one.

According to government statistics, the average annual mileage of a passenger car in Singapore is in the region of 17,000km to 18,000km. Logically, if your car has clocked sigficantly more mileage than that (say about 20,000km a year), you might be less inclined to renew your car's COE.
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2. Drivetrain integrity

Another key component you want to thoroughly check is the drivetrain (ie. the engine and transmission). These are highly complex mechanical components that are going to cost you a fortune to replace should any major issues crop up. Some signs you should look out for is abnormal noises being emitted when you are driving, difficulty in starting the car, or even loss of engine power when driving.

Of course, if your car has had significant repair work done over your years of ownership, you would be less inclined to hold on to it.
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3. Electrical systems

Cars these days are increasingly complex when it comes to electrical equipment. Gone are the days of simple analogue components that are easily fixed or replaced. You want to ensure that there aren't any major electrical issues that may cause problems for you down the road.

There usually aren't obvious tell tale signs of electrical failures (usually, you only know when the failure occurs), but getting your electrical systems checked on a regular basis is a prudent habit to practice.
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4. Problems are inevitable

All that being said, the one thing you must accept is that problems are going to be inevitable. As with all things, the older a car gets, the more problems are likely to occur (though obviously steps can be taken to mitigate such matters). If you're not willing to accept this, then you might be better off with buying a new car instead of opting for a COE renewal.
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5. Regular maintenance

Perhaps most importantly, you want to have taken care of your car over the preceding 10 years. It cannot be a case where you decide with one year left that you want to opt for COE renewal, and then scramble to try to rectify all of the car's issues. Problems build up over time, so ensuring that you have carefully maintained your car over the years is key to prolonging its lifespan.

Cars that have been regularly and properly maintained will of course be in better overall condition than one that has not. Having a full maintenance history of a car is very useful in getting a clear idea on the car's overall shape (especially so if you are buying a used car). Also, it would be wise to have the car thoroughly inspected prior to making a decision on whether to renew its COE.
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Ensuring your car is in tip top mechanical shape may sound troublesome and time-consuming - some drivers may still have the impression that you have to drive to workshop, leave the car overnight and then come back some time later.

However, there are much more speedy and convenient options these days, though no less effective. At 11 SPC petrol stations spread across the island, you will find SpeedyCare, a one-stop automotive service centre offering complete service packages.

The SpeedyCare Auto Service Centres are equipped to carry out all matter of automotive maintenance, from simple servicing like engine oil change to more complex jobs like repairs to key mechanical components.

Click here to find out more about SpeedyCare and to find your nearest outlet.

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*This article was updated on 30 September 2022