Watch out for these speed camera hotspots in Singapore!
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Text | Goh Zhi Xuan
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9 March 2020

Driving in Singapore is already expensive enough, let's not add to our expenditure with unnecessary speeding tickets.
"Don't want to get speeding tickets, then just don't speed lah!" - this is what some might comment when they see an article on the topic of speed cameras. But for the rest of us who aren't extremely precise robots, and have the tendency to exceed the speed limit every now and then, be it intentionally or not, knowing where speed camera hotspots are can be really useful information.

So, to help all fellow Singaporean drivers out, we have trawled the forums and cross-checked what we found with our own experience to come up with a list of speed camera hotspots to take note of.
Lornie Road overhead bridge
Lornie Road Map
Lornie Road / Lornie viaduct

Anyone who drives probably knows of Lornie Road as a notorious hotspot for 'snipers'. Manned speed cameras are usually spotted at the overhead bridge, these are observed on either direction and at all timing, even in the middle of the night.

Speed limit: 70km/h
Lentor Avenue overhead bridge
Lentor Avenue Map
Lentor Avenue

Lentor Avenue is one of the roads that link Ang Mo Kio to Yishun. It is a busy road that is frequently jammed up during peak hours. However, it is also a monotonous stretch which taunts drivers to go faster when the traffic situation allows. A manned speed camera is often seen at the overhead bridge on this road.

Speed limit: 70km/h
Yishun Avenue 1 road
Yishun Avenue 1 Map
Yishun Avenue 1 outside Orchid Country Club

This area has been in the news for several times, with residents complaining about noise from modified cars speeding along late at night. As such, a fixed speed camera has since been installed along this stretch of road. But wait, if you thought that's the only hazard to look out for, you will be wrong. On several occasions, officers manning speed cameras at the road side have also been spotted.

Speed limit: 60km/h
Tampines Avenue 1 overhead bridge
Tampines Avenue 1 Map
Tampines Avenue 1

This is a straight stretch of road along Temasek Polytechnic. As always, straight roads are a huge temptation for one to bury the throttle. However, if you were to do that here, you will probably get a hefty speeding ticket and some demerit points. You see, the overhead bridge that links Temasek Polytechnic to the opposite bus stop is yet another hotspot for speed cameras.

Speed limit: 60km/h
Bartley flyover road
Bartley flyover Map
Bartley Road East

A wide two lane road above ground level, driving on Bartley Road East feels like cruising on an expressway. While some drivers might misjudge the speed that they are going at, others might even mistake this stretch of road to be an expressway with a 90km/h speed limit. Traffic police are often stationed at the bays at the side of the road, ready to give chase to speeding cars.

Speed limit: 70km/h
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 Overhead bridge
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 Map
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

This is a straight stretch of road that links Ang Mo Kio to Hougang. It is located in close vicinity to an industrial area with vehicle workshops. A manned speed camera can often be seen at the overhead bridge. Traffic police might have deemed this stretch of road to be a speeding hotspot due to its proximity to workshops, some of whom might use the stretch of road for testing.

Speed limit: 60km/h
CTE before Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
CTE before Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 map
CTE before Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 exit overhead bridge (towards city)

Anyone who lives near to the CTE will know that it is always packed, which makes this speed camera hotspot quite a head-scratcher. For some reason, a manned speed camera is often spotted at an overhead bridge just before the exit to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. Sometimes it can even be spotted well past midnight.

Speed limit: 90km/h
Braddell Rd
Braddell Rd Map
Braddell Rd after Bishan towards CTE

This is a wide three-lane road that leads to a major expressway, without clear signage of the speed limit. Many might assume it to be part of the expressway and end up speeding unknowingly. There is usually a manned speed camera at the overhead bridge, even during peak hours.

Speed limit: 70km/h
West Coast Highway
West Coast Highway Map
West Coast Highway viaduct over Telok Blangah

Located in close proximity to the PSA terminal as well as industrial areas, this is a road that is well travelled by container trucks and other heavy vehicles. It is also a clear and empty stretch of road late at night, which makes it a hotspot for speeding vehicles. Traffic police are often spotted situated at the bays along the viaduct.

Speed limit: 70km/h
Upper Thomson road
Upper Thomson road Map
Upper Thomson road from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 towards Lornie Road

This stretch of road links Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 to Lornie Road, cutting through Thomson Plaza and a stretch of shophouses where the famous Roti Prata House is located. This stretch of road features several overhead bridges where manned speed cameras are often set up at.

Speed limit: 60km/h
Clementi Avenue 6
Clementi Avenue 6 Map
Clementi Avenue 6, overhead bridge just after the underpass

A manned speed camera can often be found at the overhead bridge just after exiting the underpass. Drivers have a tendency to accelerate out of the underpass, picking up speed on the incline, and that is when they get caught unaware by the speed camera.

Speed limit: 70km/h
Upper Changi Road East
Upper Changi Road East Map
Upper Changi Road East, overhead bridge at Expo

Yet another straight stretch of road without many intersections, it is quite a tempting road to pick up some speed and it surely doesn't help that the speed limit is merely 60km/h. The speed camera is usually seen at the overhead bridge located near Singapore Expo.

Speed limit: 60km/h
Jalan Kayu flyover
Jalan Kayu flyover Map
TPE towards CTE, Jalan Kayu flyover

TPE is free of fixed speed cameras, but that doesn't mean that you can speed freely on this expressway. Located just before the exit to CTE, on the Jalan Kayu Flyover, there is often a manned speed camera. This is a dangerous spot as some drivers might speed up in order to make a dash for the exit among traffic. Oh, and don't think you'll be safe at night, the speed camera has been spotted at all hours.

Speed limit: 90km/h
KJE, near Choa Chu Kang Way exit

A four-lane wide expressway sure seems like the perfect place to drive a little faster. To add on to that, this part of KJE consists of a succession of long sweeping curves, further fueling the adrenaline rush and also obscuring that traffic police manning a speed camera at the overhead bridge in front of you.

Speed Limit: 90km/h

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