Think leasing is not for you? Here are eight reasons why you should think again
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Text | Clarance Seow
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From being able to get behind the wheel of your dream car as soon as possible to enjoying a worry-free motoring experience, there are many reasons why you might opt to lease a car. We look at the benefits it can bring you!

If you want to drive a car but don't want the hassle and uncertainty associated with ownership, leasing could be just the thing for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider leasing your next car!
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1. Get in your dream car faster with zero downpayment

For a start, you will be able to bring that dream car to your doorstep sooner than you expect. By opting to lease, you will get access to a brand-new car with zero cash downpayment.

2. You can put your money to better use

Even if you have the cash on hand for a downpayment, there is always a better use for it. You might consider an investment in order to earn some spare income or, if you are not into investing, why not splurge on that well-deserved holiday, or that home renovation you always wanted. Think about all the ways you could spend your money.

3. Bid farewell to unexpected increases in expenses

Owning a car can lead to erratic and substantial repair and maintenance costs. However, when you lease, your motoring expenses are reduced to one simple monthly payment. Just add your parking and fuel costs, and you're ready to hit road!

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And here's one other little-known secret: With your insurance already covered by the leasing firm, you won't have to worry about changing insurance premiums after an accident, since your monthly leasing cost will remain the same. How's that for added predictability?

4. Have a concierge service at your disposal

Of course, having all your budgeting planned out will be pointless if you don't have any free time to enjoy it. Get a full-service lease, inclusive of concierge service and 24h roadside assistance, to ensure that you have complete peace of mind.

With the concierge service, a representative will arrive at a place of your choice both to collect and to return the car whenever it is due for servicing or repairs, so the disruption to your schedule is kept to an absolute minimum.

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"I'm really happy with my leasing experience with Daimler Fleet Management. It's so easy; I just have to pick up the phone whenever I have issues with my car and the concierge takes care of it. I wouldn't see myself going back to buying a car without leasing again.", Dr. Govender, long time leasing customer.
Don't know which workshop you can trust to keep your car best maintained? Why not leave it to the expertise of your leasing firm? This way, you not only leave the maintenance costs of your car to the firm, but all the related logistics and parts sourcing as well.

A full-service lease with Daimler Fleet Management additionally ensures that you only get original replacements on wear and tear items including tyres, batteries and wiper blades, so you can always count on a dependable and working car.

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Even if you are unfortunate enough to face a breakdown on the road, Daimler Fleet Management's 24-hour roadside assistance teams are always on standby.

5. A replacement car is there when you need one

A replacement vehicle is also provided via the 24h roadside assistance. When your vehicle is sent for repairs or routine servicing, you won't have to make alternative transport arrangements.

6. Gain insulation from resale value risk

Finally, when it comes to that time when you have to part ways with your pre-loved car, you can likewise just leave it to the concierge to pick it up.

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Others would have to worry about how much their cars have depreciated, and to haggle over a price with a used car dealer. Meanwhile, you will be able to spend your time shopping for your next new love!

7. Leasing is more affordable than you think

With so many services on offer, you'd naturally think that leasing is going to be expensive. But that's not necessarily true.

With Daimler Fleet Management, you get to enjoy all the benefits listed above, from as little as $10 a day on top of what you would normally pay when you finance your car!

8. Enjoy flexibility on your lease term

Afraid of getting locked into a fixed leasing contract? Have no fear. Your lifestyle and mobility needs can change, and Daimler Fleet Management understands the importance for flexibility when it comes to your motoring needs.

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That's exactly why it now offers a new Flexi lease option, which mirrors a pay-per-use model by allowing customers to alter their lease periods as and when the need may arise.

So, should you feel like changing your car to the latest facelift model, upgrading to a bigger car for your growing family, or if you want to simply stop driving, the options are always open.

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If all these sound great to you, Daimler Fleet Management has an extensive fleet of vehicles available at competitive rates for you to consider. Find out more here, or call 6849 8118 for enquiries!