Drivers, don't leave home without these six essential items for your car
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Text | Goh Zhi Xuan
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11 AUGUST 2021
Drivers should fully enjoy the convenience of driving. Hence, here are six essential items that will get you out of a fix and ensure a pleasant driving experience.

Cars allow us to travel around in convenience, but problems can often hamper that very convenience. As drivers, there are a few things that we absolutely want to avoid - things like getting into an accident, having a punctured tyre, or a car that wouldn't start.

From time to time, we are still placed in such situations, and when it happens, we'd wish we were more prepared. Here are six essential items to have in your car, that will get you out of a fix in no time.
1. Dash cam

Of course, a dash cam won't actually prevent an accident from happening. But it makes things much easier to navigate through. Footage of the entire episode can help in determining the party at fault, serving as an evidence during insurance claims, and identifying the culprit of a hit and run incident.

It is important to ensure that the video recorded is clear and sharp for it to be useful. You wouldn't want to find out after an accident that the recording from your dash cam is useless. As such, a reliable and quality dash cam such as the 70mai A800S or the A400 will be a good choice. Both cameras offer dual-channel recording, for both the front and rear views, ensuring a full coverage while you are driving.

The A800S is 70mai's flagship camera that records up to 4K UHD resolution to ensure crisp and detailed videos. Meanwhile, the A400 is a stylish dash cam that records up to 1440P QHD resolution offering a great performance for a reasonable cost.
2. Portable air compressor

Having a flat tyre or finding out that your tyre pressure is low is not a fun experience. If you have a spare tyre, you can put it on - provided that it is properly maintained and isn't flat either. With a portable air compressor on hand, you'll be able to pump your tyre and get back on the road swiftly. If you carry a tyre repair kit, you can even fix a puncture at the side of the road.

The 70mai TP01 portable air compressor is what you want. It uses your car's 12V cigarette lighter port to inflate your car's tyres - there's no need to look for an external source of power. And you won't find yourself at the roadside for long, as it is able to inflate a standard passenger car tyre in just three minutes.
3. Portable jump starter

Not able to get your car to start in the morning is a sure way of ruining the day. This is often caused by a worn or flat starter battery. One way to get it started will be to get someone else to jump start your car with theirs, and a set of jumper cables, or if you happen to be driving a manual, you can get your car push started.

Either method requires additional help and can be quite a hassle, a hassle that can be avoided if you had a portable jump starter. With one, you can simply hook it up to your car's battery and crank it as per normal, a fuss-free solution indeed.

The 70mai PS01 portable jump starter is one that you should have. Not only does it work perfectly to aid in starting up a car with low or flat battery, it also doubles up as an 11,100mAh power bank to charge your devices.
4. Tyre pressure monitoring system

Most drivers wouldn't really notice a slight change in tyre pressures - it is possible even for tyres with a small puncture to go unnoticed. Running on low tyre pressures for an extended period is not only dangerous but also costly - the tyre might fail catastrophically or get severely damaged and has to be replaced.

With a tyre pressure monitoring system, you will be able to observe the pressure of all four of your car's tyres at one glance, allowing you to notice even the slightest leak and get it sorted before things go awry.

70mai's Midrive T02 is an upcoming tyre pressure monitor that is easy to install and packed with functions. It is powered by solar power and, hence, does without the need for complicated wiring. It is also easy to install as it uses external sensors, which replace your car's existing tyre valve caps.
5. Portable car vacuum cleaner

While a filthy car will still bring you from point A to B, but it sure wouldn't be an enjoyable ride. Just imagine driving a car infested with pests due to its filthiness. But, keeping your car clean isn't as simple as it seems.

Unlike cleaning a room, you can't exactly pick up a broom to sweep up all the dust and crumbs. To get to all of the nook and crannies within a car's interior, a portable vacuum will come in handy. With a rechargeable portable vacuum, you can keep your car's interior spick and span anytime and anywhere you are.

The Roidmi P1 Pro portable cordless vacuum cleaner is light and portable. In fact, it is not only suitable for cars, with its simple yet elegant design, it would look right at home on your room's desk as well. Despite its small size, suction is surprisingly strong, making it the perfect companion to keep your car clean.
6. Car air purifier

The air quality isn't excellent these days, and it gets worse on the road. If you frequently drive with the windows down, you will realise how quickly your car's interior gets covered in a layer of fine dust particles. It gets even worse when it comes to haze season.

Hence, getting an air purifier for your car is a great idea. Keeping the air in your car fresh and clean will surely make your drive a better and healthier one.

The Roidmi P8S is a full-fledged air purifier for your car. It is able to remove unwanted particles and odours to provide a cleaner environment for you and your family in the car. With a high clean air delivery rate of 80 cubic meters of air per hour, it is able to clean the air inside of a car in just two to five minutes.
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