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The Nanopulsar World Series Challenge (NWSC) is a special select track driving event organized for Nanopulser users. It takes place over five years - from 2017 to 2021 - at five legendary tracks in five different locations around the world.

Each year, lucky winners will be drawn from a common pool and ushered into the world of grand autosport, experiencing first-hand legendary tracks around the world; fully sponsored.

This year's destination for the winners will be the Nurburgring in Germany. Each winner will get to enjoy an all-expense paid trip, which includes a five-night hotel stay, return flight, instructional driving, track car rental, track admission fees, track charge and sports memorabilia. To qualify for NWSC draw, Each unit of Nanopulsar purchased is entitled to one draw chance.

Past and present racing legends have tamed this track and hail it as the world's best race track. Now it's your chance to do the same. So, have you got what it takes to conquer the ring?

Go on out to the track and clock your best time.

Find out how to qualify by clicking here

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Award Take part in our monthly sgCarMart contest by answering questions about the Nanopulser World Series Challenge (NWSC) and stand a chance to win prizes worth $3,030 (two winners to be selected).
16 Jan 2017 to 15 Feb 2017
Q1: NWSC is a five-year running event for Nanopulser supporters to experience track driving on five different race tracks in five different locations around the world.

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Q2: Each NWSC winner gets to enjoy an all-expense paid trip to the Nurburgring race track in Germany, which also includes:

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Q3: By using Nanopulser+ on car lead acid batteries, it has been proven that internal sulphation can be reversed and restructured, resulting in which of the following benefits?

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