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Julian Kho Julian Kho

Living by his motto "you'll never get your dream house, but you'll still get awfully close to it", Julian gets by his life a quarter of a mile at a time. Apart from appreciating vintage cars, his obsession with Lomography has played a big role in his creativity.

Majoring in Creative Industries in Australia for two years, Julian is out to set the bar high to ensure quality content is served to meet the needs and wants of car buyers and enthusiasts alike. With immense positivity, the pint-sized Julian believes he is what everybody can be. Working hard and enjoying at the same time, that is.

Heavily influenced by his elder brother, Julian has developed an appreciation for classic cars. Although he's satisfied driving an Austin Mini now, Julian hopes to own a Ford Mustang some day. And write about it.

Contact me julian.kho@sgcarmart.com

Nigel Yong
Senior Automotive Journalist

Diagnosed with a severe addiction to a naturally aspirated DOHC four-cylinder engine, Nigel first got a taste of simple yet satisfying Japanese engineering in his father's Honda Civic EK4. However, due to the financial constraints of owning a Honda, his little sidekick ended up being a nimble Suzuki Swift Sport.

Majoring in Communications, writing has always been an interest of his. Self-securing an internship at a local automotive publication straight out of National Service further confirmed his decision that automotive journalism was something he wanted to pursue.

Although higher end makes such as Porsche and Ferrari do pique his interests, his blood till this day still bleeds Type R - a model he certainly hopes to own in future.

Contact me nigel.yong@sgcarmart.com

Nigel Yong
Fai Ming
Content Developer/Photographer

Since young, Fai Ming has always centered his life around cars. And more cars. In fact his first word was "car" and not "mum" or "dad". It was a no-brainer that he ended up shooting cars after realising he had a little talent in photography when he grew up.

After a short stint in an online motoring publication, Fai Ming managed to hone his photography style by being attentive to the minute details. He writes his story with his pictures - using simple, clean composition and a touch of abstractness…

So what does he hope to own one day? He has no clue but it will probably be something Japanese, loud, high-revving and comes standard with a towering spoiler at the back.

Contact me faiming.low@sgcarmart.com

Desmond Chan
Automotive Journalist

Growing up with a steady diet of Formula 1 and an unhealthy obsession with the Playstation Gran Turismo series, Desmond has always felt the need for speed. He spent much of his youth finding ways to go fast on wheels - motorbike, bicycle, skateboard, Segway, tricycle, - if it has wheels (even virtual ones), he's most probably tried going a little too quickly on it, with scars to prove it too.

Majoring in English Literature, Desmond didn't quite know where the degree would take him. But he knew he loved to write, and he loved a good story. Better still if he could write a good story.

Classic cars hold a dear place in Desmond's heart. His dream car? A Jaguar E-type. But since those aren't available anymore (not unless you live in Dubai and buy islands as a hobby), he will gladly settle for a Porsche 993.

Contact me desmond.chan@sgcarmart.com

Desmond Chan
Ben Chia
Content Developer

Ben is back for his second stint at sgCarMart, having started out his career here over half a decade ago now. Since then, he has gone on to contribute towards numerous automotive publications, locally and regionally, both on a full-time and freelance basis. If it contains cars, chances are Ben has probably written for it.

An avid car nut since the time he learnt how to read and write, Ben has grown up around cars, and is living the dream as an automotive writer, being surrounded by the objects of his desire. His flair for language, honed from years of reading plenty of car magazines from cover to cover, meant that writing was the natural progression for this guy who ended up studying Journalism in university.

His journalistic training has also taught him to keep an open mind, and while Ben does have his favourites, like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, BMW 2 Series and Mazda MX-5, he judges cars on their merits rather than superficial characteristics such as looks and image, which explains why he currently drives a Toyota Prius.

Contact me ben.chia@sgcarmart.com

Anthony Lim
Content Developer

Growing up, Anthony spent his days honing his Daytona skills at heartland mall arcades. When he wasnt at the arcade, he'd be behind the wheel of his dad's Forester pretending to be a Nascar racer.

Not having any idea of what to do with his life, Anthony was persuaded by his brother to pursue a career in communications where he found his passion for writing. He was influenced by his dad to enter the automotive industry, joining a workshop to learn car diagnostics.

Anthony grew up to love both four and two-wheeled contraptions. He rides a Yamaha FZ16 now, but will eventually own a BMW R nine T, or what he likes to call sex on wheels.

Contact me anthony.lim@sgcarmart.com

Anthony Lim
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