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Insurance quotes will be sent within 1-3 working days, no obligations!
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Car Insurance Glossary

Here are some Car Insurance terms for you

The cost associated with the type of your car insurance plan – ranging from Third Party to Comprehensive – and can span from any specified period up to 1 year.

What you have to make in an incident where injury is involved or when the other party refuses a private settlement.

What you have to pay when making a claim, but only when you're at fault. If your claim is $3,000 and your excess is $500, you'll only fork out that $500 while your insurer pays the other $2,500.

A reward percentage off your premium if you've not made any claims from the year prior. With every year, NCD increases by 10% and this can accumulate up to 50%.

Workshops approved by your insurer to perform repairs, if your plan has such a restriction in the event of damage incurred. If you have a preferred workshop or just want to get your car fixed at the nearest place, seek a plan that allows it. However, these may demand higher premiums.

For more information buying insurance, types of cars and recommended repair workshops, read our blog here.

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