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Pro-Jex V2D Auto Pte Ltd is your one-stop solution for all your automotive needs. Formed by a team of car enthusiasts, you can be sure that at Pro-Jex V2D, your car is its business.

Pro-Jex V2D's most popular three-in-one servicing package consists of an engine oil change using Amsoil Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, air-con restoration service and intake manifold and throttles flush service at $250.

Expect to have superior vehicle protection, performance and the best fuel economy with Amsoil - one of the world's best 100% synthetic motor oil.

Enjoy a much fresher and cooler air-conditioning system after an air-con restoration service with Pro-Jex V2D. Pro-Jex V2D recommends an air-con filter change at 15,000km intervals and air-con cooling coil to be serviced at 20,000km to 30,000km intervals for the most optimal driving experience.

Tested and proven on cars, bikes and boats, you will experience a smoother, quieter and more responsive drive after Pro-Jex V2D's intake manifold and throttle flush service.

For more information about Pro-Jex V2D, promotions and updates, please visit its facebook & website.

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Award Take part in our sgCarMart contest by answering questions about Pro-Jex V2D and stand a chance to win 3 in 1 Amsoil Fully Synthetic Servicing Package worth up to $1000.
16 February 2020 to 15 March 2020
Q1: Amsoil is one of the leading brands carried by Pro-Jex V2D.

You can find the answer here

Q2: Does Pro-Jex V2D occupy two units (03-93/94) at Synergy @ KB?

You can find the answer here

Q3: What are the three services included in the Pro-Jex V2D 3 in 1 package?

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