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How We Offer Some Of The Best Car Insurance in Singapore

Get 25% cheaper car insurance! Aside from some of the cheapest car and motor insurance plans available in Singapore, our service also come with a range of benefits:

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Free Excess Waiver

We absorb the first excess fee if you visit an appointed workshop under your insurer

Pay by credit card or installment

Flexible payment methods to best suit your needs

Claim support/advise

We will guide you through the process

Refund Support

All taken care of by us when you sold your car
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Buy The Best Car Insurance Plans Online With sgCarMart (Singapore)

Many insurance companies will claim to have the number one deal for you, but if you do not compare various car insurance plans in the Singapore market, it can be hard to be completely sure.

Motor insurance is a saturated market in Singapore, which makes it daunting when searching for an insurance plan that reflects your needs and is what you are comfortable with purchasing. sgCarMart streamlines the process by providing a central point of comparison for your convenience. Compare car insurance plans available in Singapore from the comfort of your own home. When you fill in our online quotation form, you'll receive a response from our professional insurance brokers within 1 business day. This will contain the 3 best value quotes on the market based on the information within form submitted.

When you come to us, you can count on a personalised approach towards acquiring the best car or motor insurance for you in Singapore. Our specialists are determined to find more than just the cheapest car or auto insurance in Singapore, but the deal that best reflects your specific requirements. Every driver and every car is different, so we take all variables into account to discover the ideal arrangement for you.

Buy Car Insurance Online With sgCarMart

Our dedicated team are on a mission to provide an effortless, streamlined process for obtaining car insurance.
We provide a centralised service, which keeps your car insurance experience in Singapore as convenient and
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