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Three variants, eight seats and economy and emissions standards that comply and exceed expectations of 2010.

31 May 2008 | Local News : Singapore

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Announced today that it will begin sales of a new compact minivan named the Freed in Japan today. The new model will feature special mobility assistive versions with seats that lift up to accommodate people on a wheelchair (this will go on sale from 20th June 2008).

There are three different versions - a seven and eight seater that will be the first in the compact minivan class, and a five passenger model equipped with a large cargo hold with the exceptionally flat floor, all this in a compact 4,215mm (L) x 1,695mm (W) x 1,715mm (H) body.

The seven-passenger variant features captain's seats in the second row to ensure that occupants are treated to the same level of comfort as if they were in front. The walk-through layout means anyone can get from front-to-back very easily.

An eight-passenger configuration adds 60:40-split and tumble (double-fold) seats in the second row, creating a bench seat that seats three. In fact, Honda claims to have enough space for a 27-inch wheeled bicycle to fit into the back without having to remove either the tyres, seats or handlebars.

It will come with a MacPherson strut suspension on the front end and a H-torsion beam in the back, while an electric power steering is available for assistance instead of the conventional hydraulic module.

Honda also claims that the Freed has 75% lower emission levels than that of the 2005 pollution standards in Japan, while front-wheel driven Freeds exceed Japanese fuel economy standards for 2010 by 25%.

Honda expects to sell 4,000 units in the local Japanese market, while local distributor Kah Motor informs us that they are currently working to launch the Honda Freed after June 2009 as a tentative date.

While the Freed developed for, and sold in the Japanese domestic market will be equipped with a continuously variable transmission, our Freeds will come equipped with a 5-speed automatic and the same 1.5L i-VTEC engine as announced in the 2009 Honda Jazz 1.5S. This, in order to suit the driving requirements of the local Honda demographic better.

Honda R&D has already concluded that just like the 2009 Honda Jazz, the 5-speed automatic is more suitable for use in Singapore. Honda claims that this 5-speeder will provide greater dynamicity and better overall fuel economy, especially cruising above 70km/h.

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