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Believe it or not, the 3 Series emerged in top spot out of 881,000 cars

15 Dec 2008 | International News : U.K.

The annual FN50 reliability survey ranks cars considered most dependable by Britain's biggest leasing companies. The survey this year ranked 881,000 vehicles in the manufacturers category and 786,000 vehicles by model. Only companies which leased more than one brand were included in this survey.

The ranking was based on the most reliable cars according to the number of breakdowns per 100 of each type of model in the company's fleet. Using a points per breakdown system, FN50 found the BMW 3 Series to be the most reliable model. Also, by consolidating all points across all models, BMW emerged to be the most reliable brand.

"This is incredible news for us and only reinforces the quality standards of the vehicles we produce. Unlike BMW owner driven cars, which usually have one main driver, whom has great love and respect for their cars, leased cars go through a significant amount of wear and tear with multiple drivers who have no real sense of ownership. This survey on reliability is a true testament of the consistent and robust nature of BMW cars," said Ramesh Divyanathan, BMW Asia's spokesperson.

"The BMW 3 Series has always been the epitome of sporty flair in its segment and has maintained the leading position as the most widely sold premium vehicle in the world. The results are particularly timely for us, as we've recently launched the latest BMW 3 Series Saloon, and are looking forward to continue our lead in this segment."

FN50 Survey Results

Top 10 most reliable manufacturers

1. BMW
2. Honda
3. Toyota
4. Ford
5. Volkswagen
6. Mercedes-Benz
7. Audi
8. Lexus
9. Mazda
10. Vauxhall

Top 10 most reliable models

1. BMW 3 Series
2. Toyota Avensis
3. Honda Accord
4. Volkswagen Golf
6. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
7. BMW 1 Series
8. Honda Civic
9. Ford Focus
10. Audi A4

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