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A total of three e-trucks now travelling the streets of Munich for the plant's production will help save approximately 82 tonnes of CO2.

06 Dec 2017 | International News : Germany

As of now, three electric trucks are part of the logistics operations of the BMW Group's home plant. What began when the first 40-tonne electric truck was put into service by the Munich plant in 2015 has now been taken to the next level. Through the use of these e-trucks, the company reduces CO2 emissions by roughly 82 tonnes annually. All three trucks are used on public roads in the Greater Munich area.  

Thanks to the combination of green energy and alternative drives, the 40-tonne e-trucks are emission-free, quiet and generate almost no particulate matter pollution
With its first e-truck, logistics service provider ARS Altmann AG transports new cars on a 15km route through Munich. At a top speed of 40km/h, the e-truck covers its route between the Scherm logistics centre and BMW Group Plant Munich eight times daily, saving about 48 tonnes of CO2 annually compared to a conventional truck.

With its second e-truck, the logistics company now delivers vehicle components from its supply centre in Karlsfeld, 12km outside of the city, to the Munich plant. At a top speed of 64km/h, the new e-truck has a range of approximately 160km.

Compared to diesel engine trucks, the three electric trucks save 82 tonnes of CO2 annually. This is equivalent to the distance a BMW 320d would travel when going around the world almost twenty times, around 800,000km. Depending on the specific tractor, the truck batteries take three to four hours to charge. When fully charged, the e-trucks have a range of up to 160km each.

With its Strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT, the BMW Group has prioritised e-mobility, digitalisation and autonomous driving as the technologies of the future. In doing so, and based on its sustainable profitability, the company strengthens Germany as a driving force of the mobility and technologies of tomorrow. Urban mobility - and for the BMW Group this also includes urban logistics and transport - is a topic with great future potential. Since late 2013, the BMW i brand represents visionary vehicle concepts, connected mobility services and a new understanding of premium that is strongly focused on sustainability.

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