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Audi presents the exclusive installation 'Fifth Ring' at this year's Milan Design Week, highlighting the Audi Aicon design vision and the Audi A6.

20 Apr 2018 | International News : Italy

'Fifth Ring' is a spatial installation of a ring and symbolises progress and evolution. MAD Architects and Audi combine the philosophical approach of the fifth element with the Audi Aicon - and thus with a mobility concept for tomorrow's world, with revolutionary design. Besides the concept car, the focus is on the new Audi A6 Sedan. The Audi A7 Sportback and the Audi A8 are further elements of the installation.

"The illuminated ring in the square boundary of the historical courtyard stands for mankind's strive for perfection," describes Ma Yansong, the founder of MAD Architects, the staging. "It floats above a water basin and reflects the constantly changing sky. It gives the viewer the feeling of walking in the clouds." Fabrizio Longo, Brand Manager of Audi Italy adds, "This search for perfection is the force for innovation and the drive that makes Audi cars so special."

MAD Architects is an international architectural firm that develops futuristic, organic and technologically advanced designs. The artists attach particular importance to a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity to nature. The Milan Design Week is regarded as the leading design event focusing on the Fuorisalone and the Salone del Mobile. With more than 300,000 expected visitors from around 165 countries, it will take place in Milan from 17th to 22nd April 2018.
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