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Orchard Credit, a reputable credit agent in Singapore, has restructured its leasing business to Orchard Credit Leasing Pte Ltd.

30 Apr 2018 | Local News : Singapore

Orchard Credit (OC) has restructured its leasing business that was previously traded under Capital Auto Pte Ltd to a new company, Orchard Credit Leasing Pte Ltd. Its car business now comprises of  the pre-owned car retail trading under Orchard Credit Pte Ltd and the car leasing business trading under Orchard Credit Leasing Pte Ltd.

Said Mr Renny Heng, Executive Director, "Together with our Autoloan business unit where we offer financing services to car buyers , we now offer a suite of car related services (pre-owned cars retail, car leasing and car financing) under the Orchard Credit umbrella. This enables us to have a faster response time to provide motoring solutions to our customers."

Orchard Credit Leasing Pte Ltd offers a wide range of both new and pre-owned cars for lease that will cater to various budgets of its customers who see the benefits of leasing a car as opposed to owning one. OC will help to manage the fleet logistics of companies to enable them to devote more time for the running of their businesses.

Some of the benefits OC offers to its customers include sourcing a car that will meet clients' budget, free servicing and maintenance, 24 hours roadside assistance, unlimited mileage on its leased cars, fleet management support for companies who lease a fleet of vehicles for their employees and even invitation to exclusive events for customers who lease a premium luxury car.
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