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Honda has announced the new NSX GT3 Evo race car, which benefits from series of upgrades to deliver higher top speed and better handling.

17 Oct 2018 | International News : U.S.A

The new Honda NSX GT3, designated the NSX GT3 Evo, will compete on race tracks throughout the world in 2019. Based on the race-winning Honda NSX production model, the latest evolution of the multiple race-winning NSX GT3 features a number of important revisions aimed at delivering improved performance and reliability to customer racing teams around the globe.

Revised bodywork enhances balance and driveability
Revised bodywork, including a new front splitter, diffuser and rear bumper, will reduce drag to create higher top speeds, improve cooling and enhance both balance and driveability for an even wider range of amateur and professional drivers.

New turbochargers will improve throttle response, boost control, and fuel economy and will be retrofitted to all existing NSX GT3s in addition to the new NSX GT3 Evo.

Newly built cars will also feature improved hardware and calibrations for the anti-lock braking system, and an upgraded Bosch display and data-logging unit to increase efficiency and enhance the driver experience. These improvements will also be available as variant supply to retrofit to existing NSX GT3s.

The effects of these updates, the result of constant analysis of information generated from within the global NSX GT3 Customer Racing Program over the last two years of testing and racing, will be improved performance and reduced running costs, the result of a 25% increase in engine life and greater component durability.

"We are extremely pleased to present the specification of the 2019 NSX GT3 Evo today," said Masashi Yamamoto, General Manager, Honda Motorsports. "While the car has already won in some of the world's most prestigious GT3 series, we believe in constantly improving our products and providing the best possible equipment and support for our customers."

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