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Citroen intends to open up urban mobility to all with the Ami, which will available to rent in France at rates cheaper than a mobile subscription.

02 Mar 2020 | International News : France

Citroen celebrates its 101st year with the unveiling of an electric two-seater mobility concept, the Ami.

The Ami's 5.5kWh lithium-ion battery can be fully charged via a 220V socket in just three hours
Classified as a light quadricycle in France, the Ami can be driven by 14-year olds there with a road safety certificate. Citroen claims it is designed for young teenagers without a driving licence, as well as for the elderly and business people who wish to go about their daily commuting, and for whom the Ami's agility will appeal.

The Ami is powered by a 5.5kWh lithium-ion battery housed flat under the floor and can be easily recharged via the on-board electric cable located in the passenger-side doorway.

Once the cable is plugged in, three hours are enough for a full charge on a conventional 220V socket. The Ami has a range of up to 70km. The Ami can also be recharged at a public terminal or Wall Box using a suitable cable.

Firmly planted on specially designed 14-inch wheels which are located at all four corners for easy handling, the Ami is 2,410mm long, 1,390mm wide and 1,520mm high. Its compact dimensions promise everyday agility, as well as easy parking.

Large areas of glass as well as a standard panoramic roof ensure a well-lit interior and reinforce the feeling of space
Large areas of glass as well as a standard panoramic roof ensure a well-lit interior and reinforce the feeling of space, while clever storage areas will contribute to well-being on-board. A side-by-side seating arrangement will allow occupants to sit and converse comfortably, while a sliding driver's seat will allow the Ami to accommodate the tallest of occupants.

Access to the Ami is intended to be easy and fluid. Citroen is targeting a rate of $30.60 per month, a rate Citroen claims is lower than that of many mobile telephone packages, with an initial payment of $4,063 for long-term rentals in France.

Those looking for single-trip uses will also be able to drive the Ami from a targeted rate of $0.40 per minute through car-sharing apps, a price Citroen claims is comparable or even lower than the majority of moped, standard car-sharing and even scooter rental offers.

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