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A wide range of BMW M Performance Parts are available for the new BMW 5 Series, the BMW M5 and the BMW M5 Competition.

04 Aug 2020 | International News : Germany

BMW is also offering an extensive range of BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW 5 Series, the BMW M5 and the BMW M5 Competition.

All BMW M Performance Parts are aligned in the best tradition to the specific character of each model and, in addition to the sporty look, also fulfil the functional requirements as regards lightweight construction and aerodynamics. Most of the M Performance Parts for the BMW 5 Series will be available directly after the market launch of the new models.

The M Performance rear spoiler Carbon and Pro Carbon are both available, with the M Performance carbon rear diffusor providing a sporty looking rear
Numerous BMW M Performance Parts render BMW's motorsport DNA permanently visible on the BMW 5 Series, even off the racetrack. The M Performance front attachment on both sides and the M Performance front splitter made from the high-grade material provide for a sporty look at the front.

In addition to a variant of the kidney grille surround in high-gloss black, the M Performance front grille is also available in a carbon version. Likewise, the M Performance exterior mirror caps, M Performance Air Breather in the front fenders and M Performance side sill attachments are made from this high-quality material.

The M Performance steering wheel creates a particularly intense bond between driver and vehicle. With distinctively shaped Alcantara grip recesses, large thumb-rests and a special lining it guarantees maximum grip and a direct steering feel at all times. Together with the Alcantara upholsery, silver-grey, hand-sewn cross-stitching and the red 12 o'clock marking provide a genuine motor sports atmosphere. The M Performance steering wheel Pro, available exclusively for the BMW M5 and the BMW M5 Competition, is fitted with a high-gloss polished carbon and Alcantara trim and the lower clasp bears the M Performance lettering.

Further light alloy wheels comprising the M Performance 20-inch forged wheels in a multi-spoke bicoloured design are available
The outstanding driving dynamics of the BMW M5 and the BMW M5 Competition can be enhanced even further with the M Performance sports suspension without a change of the damper settings. The coilover suspension allows the vehicle to be lowered by between 5mm and 20mm, resulting in a lower centre of gravity, less roll tendency and higher cornering speeds.

20-inch M Performance forged wheels with Y-spoke design and a Ferric Grey matt finish are also exclusively available for the two M5 models. These are manufactured using a sophisticated forging and milling process, offering a unique and patented three-dimensional spoke geometry, as well as milled M Performance lettering.

Apertures in the spokes reduce air build-up in the wheel, so that less power is required to cut turbulence at high speeds.

Moreover, the range of M Performance Parts also includes exhaust systems for diesel engines. Thanks to special accessories, BMW 5 owners can exhibit their sporty style outside the car as well. The M Performance key case is made of the high-quality materials known from motor racing. Also, the custom-fit breathable and machine-washable M Performance Indoor Car Cover with a soft, paint-protective interior as well as imprinted design elements such as the BMW kidney grille and a large 'M' on the roof are available for both M5 models.

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