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Rolls-Royce has created a new brand identity that encapsulates its presence and standing as a true House of Luxury for the modern age.

27 Aug 2020 | International News : U.K.

Rolls-Royce has worked with Pentagram - a multi-disciplinary design studio - to create a new brand identity that seeks to move the firm beyond the mechanics of being the 'Best Car in the World', to also encapsulate the brand's presence and standing as a true House of Luxury.

The new identity has been designed to appeal to a new demographic of clients and all that they represent both digitally, and physically.

The direction of the Spirit of Ecstasy has changed from left to right, which Rolls-Royce describes is reflective of the firm boldly facing the future
The first of the firm's icons, the Spirit of Ecstasy, has now evolved into the form of an illustration - one that reads clearly in today's virtual world.

The illustrated form of the Spirit of Ecstasy is a distilled form of the iconic statuette. It's new form draws on her quiet power and authoritative nature, with close attention paid to her proportions, which embrace strength and power that cannot be deemed fragile or meek. When depicted in two-dimensional form, her direction has changed from left to right, boldly facing the future, reflective of the marque itself.

The sculpture that leads each motor car in silent grace will remain unchanged.

Rolls-Royce will also now have a new colour palette to pair with its new identity. The use of purple hues has a deep and majestic tone that is described by the firm as being rare in nature, and has roots in mythology, art, piety and royalty.

The firm's Wordmark is now more refined in its appearance, reflecting the quiet, whispering power of a contemporary Rolls-Royce
Purple has also always signified wealth and power, and is described as being a more expressive and appealing colour palette to both male and female clients, and one with a future vision.

A metallic Rose Gold has also been chosen to complement these purples. This elegant and modern hue will be reserved for items of longevity and used only in printed form.

A new Wordmark has also been designed, one suitable for the modern-day Rolls-Royce. The words 'Motor Cars' have reduced in size, with the emphasis reverting to Rolls-Royce, in recognition of the marque's significantly wider influence outside of the automotive industry.

The Wordmark has also become more refined in its appearance, depicting the quiet, whispering power of a contemporary Rolls-Royce. Special significance has been paid to the letter 'R', to provide additional stability and prominence to this important character in the Rolls-Royce script.

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