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Customers will soon be able to experience BMW's IconicSounds Electric in a version developed specially for electric BMW M cars.

12 May 2021 | International News : Germany

World-renowned film score composer Hans Zimmer, who has worked on award-winning movies such as Interstellar and the Lion King, collaborated with BMW to produce a brand-new selection for BMW's IconicSounds Electric. The software introduces a unique aural portfolio to models powered by a fully electric or plug-in hybrid drive system. Customers will soon be able to experience this in a version developed specially for electric BMW M cars.

While the noiselessness of an electric drivetrain provides an unprecedented level of comfort, the driving experience invariably loses a degree of emotionality. In response, BMW's IconicSounds Electric provides acoustic feedback whenever the accelerator is manipulated. The software adapts to the driving situation at hand, especially in regards to the drive mode selected. In Sport mode, for instance, the programme's auditory spectrum is more dominant and powerful, the sound functioning as a constant commentary on the driving situation. Drive system processes are registered within milliseconds, and acceleration, load changes, and energy recuperation are given a suitable acoustic accompaniment. 

The new drive sounds developed as part of the collaboration with Hans Zimmer are expected to feature in the BMW i4 and BMW iX over the course of 2022. IconicSounds Electric comes as standard in the BMW iX and can be specified as an option for the BMW i4. In earlier models, the programme can be installed via Remote Software Upgrade.

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