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The Dynamo Motor Company has revealed its plans for a conversion of the Maxus e Deliver 3 van so that it has the capacity of a long wheelbase van.

17 Aug 2021 | International News : U.K.

The Dynamo Motor Company has released drawings and intentions for its all new, all-electric last mile delivery van conversion that will be added to its zero-emission lineup alongside its popular production Dynamo Taxi conversion.

Aiming to solve the problem of city traffic and in turn pollution, the Dynamo Motor Company has devised a clever conversion to take a short wheelbase Maxus e Deliver 3 van and raise the roof height as well as lengthen the rear doors so that it has that has the same cargo capacity as a long wheelbase van. The conversion will raise the load capacity to 6.0m3, up from the base van's 4.8m3 capacity.

The taller roof will also help couriers deliver a more diverse range of products such as bulky items. Taller rear doors will make ingress and egress easier for delivery drivers.

Measuring 4,555mm long, 1,780mm wide and 2,245mm tall (up from the original Maxus van's 1,895 mm height), the Dynamo Motor Company's van conversion will fit all standard parking bays in the U.K.

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