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Retro design and a 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbocharged engine mated to a six-speed manual make their appearance in the new Nissan Z. Yum.

18 Aug 2021 | International News : U.S.A

Nissan has unveiled the 2023 Z.

The car is dropping its numerical prefix in the U.S.A for the first time, and is scheduled to go on sale there, starting from early 2022.

The rear combination lamps of the Nissan Z incorporate modern technology into a design reminiscent of the Z32 300ZX
The 2023 Nissan Z offers a sleek, attractive exterior with a silhouette that shows respect for the original model with its long hood and low rear stance.

At the front, it gets LED head lights in two half-circles that take their inspiration from the Japan market-only 240ZG of the 1970s, while the rear combination lamps incorporate modern technology into a design reminiscent of the Z32 300ZX.

The Nissan Z gets a 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbocharged engine. Power is rated at 395bhp at 6,400rpm. Peak torque meanwhile, stands at 475Nm from 1,600rpm to 5,600rpm. Nissan states the engine is designed to deliver a sharp, yet smooth response to the driver's input.

One of the defining traits of Z has always been its bond between the car and the driver. And that human-machine bond will continue to dominate the new Z, thanks to a standard, six-speed manual transmission.

Three analog pod gauges on the dashboard and an 8.0-inch touchscreen audio display feature in the cabin of the Nissan Z
The six-speed close-ratio manual also comes with an Exedy high-performance clutch, a carbon-fibre composite drive shaft, and an advanced launch assist control system that helps deliver smooth acceleration from a stopped position.

Nissan's SynchroRev Match rev-matching system also comes with the Performance models equipped with the manual gearbox.

Nissan states that the shifter will glide into each gear 'almost instinctively, with minimal effort'.

For those that would rather let the car do the work, a nine-speed automatic transmission is also available, offering a wide gear ratio spread and launch control as standard. Aluminium paddle shifters are standard on all models equipped with the automatic, with Performance models getting theirs in the same design as found on GT-R.

Both front and rear dampers of the Nissan Z use a new monotube shock absorber design with a larger diameter than the outgoing 370Z. These result in an approximately 20% reduction in dampening force to help minimise impact shock over uneven surfaces, while enhancing road-following performance and improve handling stability.

The car also gets a deep-dish steering wheel that allows access to driver controls while delivering a vintage aesthetic
The front double-wishbone aluminium suspension features new geometry, including increased caster angle, improving straight line stability. A two-point front strut tower brace is standard. The rear independent multi-link aluminium suspension has also been reconfigured with new settings.

The cabin of the Nissan Z also takes inspiration from other generations before it for the design of its centre stack. It sports three analog pod gauges on the dashboard, an 8.0-inch touchscreen audio display in the centre and climate control switches near the shifter.

A customisable 12.3-inch digital meter display will offer all vital information and has been arranged to help the driver grasp it at a glance. A new, deep-dish steering wheel also offers the driver quick access controls without losing its vintage aesthetic.

The Z Performance models will get a 9.0-inch touchscreen with navigation and NissanConnect Services with Wi-Fi hotspot. Also included is an eight-speaker Bose Audio system with Active Noise Cancellation and Active Sound Enhancement.

Local Nissan distributor Tan Chong has no plans to bring the Z into Singapore as of yet.

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