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Customers can now opt for paint options from Land Rover SV Bespoke and enjoy greater air quality in their cars with the latest update to the Range Rover Velar.

19 Aug 2021 | International News : U.K.

Land Rover has enhanced the unique appeal of the Range Rover Velar with a suite of updates and an extension of exterior colour options.

Range Rover Velar customers looking for an even more personalised and exclusive design can now choose from 14 distinctive paint colour options from the SV Bespoke Premium Palette or Match To Sample service. The specially developed hues are available in a range of finishes such as satin matte and ultra-metallic.

The new exterior hues are are available in a range of finishes such as satin matte and ultra-metallic
Cabin Air Purification Plus is also making its debut in the Range Rover Velar. Building on the existing Cabin Air Ionisation with PM2.5 filtration, the new system optimises cabin air quality by automatically introducing fresh external air when sensors detect CO2 levels fall outside of acceptable levels.

Another new air quality feature for 2021 is the Purify Cycle feature, which allows users to schedule an air cleaning cycle inside the vehicle.

This is achieved via the climate control system's fans and recirculation function, which runs as part of climate pre-conditioning. The driver can simply set a departure time using the Land Rover Remote App, or via the infotainment system, to automatically schedule a Climate Pre-conditioning and Purify Cycle, ensuring the cabin air is cleaned and not stale before any journey.

Cabin Air Purification Plus will allow users to schedule an air cleaning cycle inside the Velar before any journey
Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist are also new with the update, enhancing driver comfort on long motorway journeys by gently assisting steering, acceleration and braking to centre the vehicle in lane while maintaining a set distance from vehicles ahead. The feature is fitted as standard to HSE models and is available as part of the Driver Assist Pack.

Self-sealing tyres have also been introduced as a new offering. The feature works using an integrated layer within the tyre which creates an airtight seal over a penetrating object - allowing a customer to continue their journey unaffected.

A software over-the-air update is also coming to the Range Rover Velar in 2021, which will enable wireless Apple CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto for all Pivi and Pivi Pro equipped models.

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