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The MG ZS EV has been updated with new batteries as well as a new infotainment system and a new look that is more recognisably electric.

08 Oct 2021 | International News : U.K.

MG has revealed the new ZS EV electric SUV.

At the front, the MG ZS EV is now more recognisable as an electric vehicle, thanks to a new stamped-effect grille. The new design also aids the car's aerodynamics.

In the cabin, the MG ZS EV gets a new 10.1-inch touchscreen that is equipped with the firm's new MG iSMART connectivity system
Also new is the car's charging port location, which is now to one side in the grille. It now comes equipped with four stage indicator LED that signal the charging status of the vehicle.

The new MG ZS EV can be had in two trim options as well as two battery sizes in the U.K. At launch, the car will come with a new 72kWh battery will offer a range of 439km. A 51kWh battery with a 318km range will join the line up next year.

The new MG ZS EV can be charged at a maximum speed of 7kW via an alternating current charger, or up to 76kW from a direct current charger. Charging the MG ZS EV equipped with the 72kWh battery will take 10 and a half hours on the 7kW charger.

The new MG ZS EV will also come equipped with the firm's new MG iSMART connectivity system, which offers a connection via a smartphone app, through which various car, climate, security and charging functions can be controlled remotely.

The new system is accessed through a 10.1-inch tablet-style touchscreen, which also gets new graphics and improved functionality. A new instrument cluster and the addition of wireless phone charging rounds off the changes for the new model.

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