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Six Bentley Bentayga Speeds have been built to pay homage to Russian ballet as the first chapter of the Russian Heritage Editions.

26 Oct 2021 | International News : Russia

Bentley's in-house bespoke division, Bentley Mulliner, has created what is claimed to be the world's first car collection that pays homage to Russian ballet.

Based on the Bentley Bentayga Speed, the pinnacle of the range and powered by a W12 engine handcrafted in Crewe, the six-car collection celebrates one of the most graceful and emotive expressions of human artistry, and opens the first chapter of the Russian Heritage Editions, an annual project to create exclusive thematic versions especially for Russian customers.

Silhouettes of a performing ballet dancer can be found in the front fascias of the six Bentley Bentayga Speeds
Each of the six vehicles has a different exterior paint from the extensive Bentley palette, including three vehicles in duo-tone. The interiors are based on four different specifications, consisting of a bespoke interior split, unique contrast stitching, bespoke ballet embroidery in silver and a contemporary ballet overlay on the passenger fascia.

The Mulliner team has configured the Bentayga Speeds' luxurious interiors to include silhouettes of a performing ballet dancer as inlays to the front fascias matched by unique embroidery in each seat. All cars in the collection are named after a unique move which is displayed on the treadplate and share the same ballet imagery throughout the cabin.

Christian Schlick, Head of Bentley Russia, says, "We are excited to present the exclusive Bentayga Speed Russian Heritage Collection to our Russian customers. This project is built on the passion for perfection, which Bentley shares with such a grand and sophisticated art as ballet, the central motif of this year's limited edition. These six unique SUVs will be delivered by Bentley Moscow and Moscow-Volgogradskiy at the end of the year, as all of the cars are already allocated."

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