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The upcoming Skoda Student Car has been revealed to be a rally-ready vehicle based on the Skoda Kamiq compact crossover.

27 Oct 2021 | International News : Czech Republic

Skoda has revealed the first rendering of the eighth Skoda Student Car.

The car is the product of 25 apprentices at work at the Skoda Vocational School, intended to be a rally version of the Skoda Kamiq. The apprentices have created the first sketches of their very own dream car during their visit to the Skoda design department.

The 25 apprentices will receive support from engineers and experienced employees from the various departments at Skoda's headquarters
This Skoda student car marks the first time that the Skoda Academy project will be collaborating with Skoda Motorsport, and is additionally the first the Skoda Kamiq will be making its debut as a Student Car.

The Student Car project at the Skoda Vocational School in Mlada Boleslav is a unique initiative in the Czech Republic and offers the specialists of tomorrow the chance to put their skills to the test in collaboration with Production, Design and other departments.

The project gives the apprentices an insight into all the relevant areas of the company as they learn to work on projects as part of a team, combine planning and practical implementation, and present their work to members of the Board of Management. The annual Student Car is one of the most important projects for the Skoda Academy and impressively demonstrates the high quality of training at the Vocational School in Mlada Boleslav, which was founded in 1927.

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