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The new marketing campaign is said to capture the sense of amazement you experience when you first see the Outlander.

28 Oct 2021 | International News : U.S.A

Mitsubishi Motors has kickstarted its marketing campaign for the new Outlander.

The new campaign, titled Thunderstruck, was created by Unite Digital in collaboration with The Sussman Agency in Detroit, the same agency that created the Take Me Out campaign for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross earlier this year, featuring the song by the same name from Franz Ferdinand.

Directed by Creative Veteran Susan Stallings, the high-energy spot is characterised by synchronised sound and lighting, taking inspiration from the response the Outlander consistently evokes when people experience it in person. Since the beginning, Mitsubishi's marketing for the new Outlander has been disruptive and bold. It was the first vehicle ever to be revealed to a global audience via Amazon Live, and it has already set high watermarks for Google search, website traffic, retail closing rates and model sales, attracting a whole new customer to Mitsubishi Motors.

The latest campaign will include broadcast and digital activations, an extension of the Amazon partnership, and sales event heavy-ups backed by Mitsubishi's largest marketing investment in the U.S.A in recent years.

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