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BMW or MINI owners can now access complete and interactive vehicle information for their vehicles on their smartphone or tablet computer.

24 Nov 2021 | International News : Germany

Not sure how a feature on your BMW or MINI works? Well, BMW now has an app that can explain it to you.

The new BMW Driver's Guide app provides BMW and MINI customers with complete and interactive vehicle information on their vehicles, all handily within easy access from their smartphone or tablet.

Get detailed explainations on the features of your MINI or BMW all through the BMW Driver's Guide app
Available for download free of charge in more than 30 languages and more than 55 markets in the Apple and Google app stores (here and here, respectively), the app will not only offer information on the latest vehicles, but can also offers up manuals for old used BMWs, available as PDF documents.

An internet connection is only required once for the download, after which the information is available offline for an unlimited period. Those that already have their vehicles registered in the My BMW/MINI app can also simply log in to the Driver's Guide app via a direct link and without having to re-enter their vehicle identification number.

In addition to a quick reference and detailed vehicle information, the Driver's Guide app also includes an FAQ section, a search function for text and images and the option of inserting bookmarks for frequently used functions.

Particularly innovative vehicles functions will be explained using photo-realistic animations, and if you're still confused, there's even links to the How-to area of the BMW YouTube channel to get explanations in the form of short video clips in English with subtitles.

The app also offers up a '360 view' function with interactive information that you can use to explore your BMW or MINI from the outside and inside. Users of an Apple iPhone can also use the 'Smart Scan' function in combination with the camera of their smartphone to allow the Driver's Guide app to recognise symbols or texts of the function keys in the vehicle interior and automatically draw up the corresponding explanations.

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