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You'll be able to get your BMW M cars with these special emblems and paint finishes come 2022 as BMW M GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary.

25 Nov 2021 | International News : Germany

BMW M GmbH is marking its 50th anniversary come 24 May 2022.

As part of the celebrations, customers who opt for a BMW M car or a BMW equipped with the M Sport package with a production date from March 2022 can have their vehicle's front, rear and wheel hubs decorated with emblems inspired by the classic 'BMW Motorsport' logo. This unique option will be available for order from the end of January 2022.

The special emblems can be had on a BMW M model or an M Sport-equipped BMW model, and will feature on the front, rear, as well on the wheel hubs
In addition to the emblems, BMW M will be reviving 50 iconic and historically significant paint finishes for selected models in the anniversary year 2022. Style-defining colours include Dakar Yellow, Fire Orange, Daytona Violet, Macao Blue, Imola Red or Frozen Marina Bay Blue.

The BMW logo with the shifted semicircles in blue, violet and red was first used in 1973 on the racing car of BMW Motorsport GmbH, while in 1978 the debut of the BMW M1 also saw the use of the three colour stripes slanted to the right and leaning on the letter M.

In both logos, the blue stands for BMW, while the red symbolises racing and the violet expresses the connection between the two. Since then, the violet has given way to a dark blue, and BMW Motorsport GmbH has been operating under the name BMW M GmbH since 1993. In its 50th year of existence, the company is more successful than ever as the world market leader in the performance and high-performance automotive segment.

Its performance and high-performance automobiles are enjoying steadily growing popularity worldwide, and the brand expects continued success into 2022 with the launch of the BMW M3 Touring, as well as the BMW M4 Coupe series. The successor model to the successful BMW M2 is also already at an advanced stage of its series development process.

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