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Turns out owners of a Skoda Superb can easily fit a 1.9m-tall Christmas tree into their car. That is, unless they have other shopping and passengers in tow.

04 Dec 2021 | International News : Czech Republic

Skoda is making shopping this festive season a bit easier with this handy infographic that shows just how large a Christmas tree you can expect to fit within its range of models.

The #SkodaSpruceScale means that savvy Skoda drivers will be able to choose their tree safe in the knowledge that they won't need to hacksaw the trunk to get the tailgate down, or tackle the journey home with branches sticking out of the window.

Using the scale, a Scala or Karoq owner can easily establish that a 1.5m tree would be the perfect fit, while an Octavia Estate or Enyaq iV driver can happily choose a 1.6m tree, safe in the knowledge that it will fit neatly into the back of their car. Skoda Superb owners, unsurprisingly, fare best thanks to load areas that can comfortably swallow a 1.9m tree.

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