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The new division will involve itself with the development of bespoke solutions, alongside limited edition cars and special halo projects for Lotus.

10 Feb 2022 | International News : U.K.

Lotus has revealed that it is launching Lotus Advanced Performance, a new division of the business dedicated to delivering thrilling bespoke vehicles and world-class customer experiences.

The new division will be led by Simon Lane, who formerly hailed from Aston Martin's bespoke arm, 'Q by Aston Martin'. Lotus states its new division will dedicate itself to a variety of offering ranging from the development of limited editions of Lotus' cars, to offering its customers the opportunity to bespoke their vehicles, which could mean the application of exclusive colours and trims as well as materials.

It will also participate in the development of new halos projects for the firm, designed to bring the Lotus product portfolio into exciting new directions. To this end, the firm has released an image that teases an open-wheel performance car which we suspect could be something that harks Lotus' long history with the world of Formula One.

With production of the Emira and Evija starting in the coming months, the launch of the new bespoke division will serve as another avenue for Lotus to further engage with its customers.

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