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The upcoming Honda Civic Type R is already promising high performance, having beaten the front-wheel drive lap record at Suzuka Circuit.

08 Apr 2022 | International News : Japan

The upcoming Honda Civic Type R is already showing high potential, setting a new front-wheel drive lap record at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan.

The car lapped the 5.8km track in just two minutes 23.1 seconds, 0.8 seconds faster than its predecessor, the stipped stripped back 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition.

The new benchmark time was set during the new model's final development evaluation on 15 March 2022. The Suzuka Cicuit is described as one of the world's greatest circuits, and has been a test bed for performance Hondas since 1962 as well as the home to the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix for all but two years since 1987.

We are expecting the Honda Civic Type R to be unveiled come 20 September 2022, coninciding with the circuit's 80th anniversary since its opening.

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