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Bentley Mulliner has announced that it will be building 12 new examples of the Le Mans-winning Speed Six in a new continuation series.

28 Jun 2022 | International News : U.K.

After delivering on the Bentley Blower Continuation Series, Bentley Mulliner is now bringing the iconic Speed Six back to life.

The new and highly exclusive Bentley Speed Six Continuation Series will comprise a total of 12 examples, and will all be built mechanically and aesthetically authentic to the Bentley racers that won Le Mans in 1929 and 1930.

Bentley will utilise 'Old Number 3' (pictured left) as one of the two reference cars from which to build the 12 Bentley Speed Six Continuation Series cars
Just how exclusive is the Bentley Speed Six Continuation Series? Well, just like the Bentley Blower Continuation Series, all 12 examples scheduled to be built have already been reserved by lucky customers around the world.

To deliver 12 new Speed Sixes that are authentic to the design of the racers of 1929 and 1930, the Mulliner team has first created a complete 3D CAD model of the car, from both the original blueprints and detailed analysis of original cars. Two cars have been referenced for this process.

The first, 'Old Number 3', was the third of three Speed Sixes entered by Bentley into Le Mans in 1930. Despite a difficult race it survived the ordeal, and has been immaculately preserved since. Still fully road legal and actively raced by its owner today, Old Number 3 has been a valuable source of design details and reference points for the creation of the new cars.

Alongside Old Number 3, Bentley's own Speed Six - part of Bentley's expanding Heritage Collection - is a 1929 road car wearing an identical four-seat Vanden Plas body to the original racers and restored to the same specification. This car will provide benchmark performance and handling data for the continuation cars, including a full power and torque curve for the 12 new engines to match - or beat.

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