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Own a Maserati and feel the need for extra peace of mind for your Italian car? Maserati now offers a 10-year warranty programme providing extensive coverage.

03 Aug 2022 | International News : Italy

Maserati has introduced the Extra10 warranty programme, which offers owners more peace of mind for their cars' powertrain components (engine, gearbox and transmission) until the car turns 10-years old.

This new warranty programme comes in addition to the current and existing programme, which extends the warranty to four or five years (known as 'Extended Warranty'). The new programme is available worldwide (Singapore included), for customers who own any Maserati model.

Maserati owners can visit any Maserati dealer to check of their car is included in the scheme, as well as to receive all information required to activate the service. Local dealers will also be able to inform customers on any additional services that can come with the Extra10 Warranty programme, which can include a pick-up and return service to their home, provision of a courtesy car, and potentially more.


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