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Audi has revamped its retail concept by placing more emphasis on customers with a new, more inviting and progressive showroom architecture.

04 Aug 2022 | International News : Germany

Audi has re-engineered its retail concept by placing customers front and centre at its dealerships. The brand will incorporate a completely new, more inviting and progressive showroom architecture to achieve this. Interactive digital elements will also be present to facilitate this cause.

The company believes that the new Audi Progressive Retail concept will allow customers to feel more welcome at the new showrooms with the presence of employees at a large welcome table, instead of a traditional counter. Consulting booths are also present, coupled with high quality furniture and atmospheric lighting for a new brand experience.

A more welcoming ambience to grace new Audi showrooms 
A selection of various elements have also been defined by Audi such as a stage for vehicle presentation and a lounge for consultations with customers.

Digital touch points will allow customers to discover what the Audi ecosystem offers, going beyond just the driving experience of their cars. It will also help them better understand the cars' technology that serve as a competitive advantage.

Product specialists known as 'Audi Experts' are also trained to share with customers about the available technology by providing them with information on services related to e-mobility. This is essential in creating a bespoke experience for Audi’s customers.

Audi will roll out the Progressive Showrooms gradually around the world on a voluntary basis from the start of 2023. The new concept will afford dealerships freedom in playing with materials, colours and contrasts to make their Audi cars more emotional and enticing.

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