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Zeekr has successfully broken two Guinness World Records for electric cars which include fastest drift and fastest slalom ever.

21 Aug 2022 | International News : China

Zeekr has announced the breaking of two Guinness World Records by its all electric 001 vehicle. This is a remarkable achievement considering that it has only been less than a year since Zeekr started delivering vehicles to customers in China.

The fastest electric vehicle drift requires the vehicle to achieve greater than 160km/h and the 001 was able to achieve a maximum speed of 207.996km/h. Using the 001's high performance twin electric drive system, the front and rear were able to achieve a claimed instantaneous torque output up to 7,680Nm and a zero to 100km/h in only 3.8 seconds.

The 001 achieved fastest drift at 207.996km/h
This power and acceleration, combined with the 001's high performance chassis suspension system, maximises body stability and allows the driver to maintain a consistent and precise drift, allowing the car to truly dance right on the edge.

Not only was the 001 a powerhouse in the straights, it also went on to set a new benchmark for the fastest ever all electric car slalom. The vehicle weaved between a total of 50 equally spaced cones, without touching or knocking any down, in 49.05 seconds.

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