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Classic Driver and Kiklo Spaces have come together to celebrate the McLaren F1 by having a gathering of more than 12 examples at a private enthusiast event.

18 Sep 2022 | International News : U.K.

Classic Driver and Kiklo Spaces came together on 13 September 2022 to assemble more than 12 McLaren F1s, and a small number of high-profile guests for their 'Uncovered at Thirty' private anniversary event.

Taking place at Kiklo Spaces, a new space for car culture in Hampshire, U.K., the lineup of McLaren F1s includes some of the most remarkable road cars, as well as a stunning selection of iconic, short- and long-tailed GTR race cars.

Certain McLaren F1's with very strong historical provenance such as Chassis 02R turned up at the event
There is, for instance, chassis 043, one of the most original F1 road cars in existence, in a unique colour that matches the livery of chassis 01R, the overall winner of the 24hrs of LeMans in 1995.

Chassis 02R, the most prolific winner of all F1 race cars will also be on display, as will be chassis 19R, the very first of the 'long tail' F1 GTR race cars from 1997.

A board of guests and panelists will also be sharing their most memorable moments of the legendary car, with unheard of anecdotes by the F1's designer, Peter Stevens, and David Clark who was the commercial director of McLaren when the car was new.

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