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Ahead of the upcoming TSS The Super Series support race at the Marina Bay Circuit, Motul invited GT3 drivers from its racing partners for a sharing session.

23 Sep 2022 | Local News : Singapore

This year, the Singapore Grand Prix returns after the pandemic, and organised along with the Formula One race is a support race - TSS The Super Series. The TSS race marks the first time that GT3 race cars are going to be racing on the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Ahead of the exciting race, Motul Singapore organised a community gathering event and invited the race drivers from the two teams it is partnering with, Viper Niza Racing and Craft-Bamboo Racing, to share with the media about their thoughts on the upcoming race.

Despite being highly recognisable, a GT3 car is far from its road-going counterpart
While GT3 race cars retain much of the looks of their production counterparts, these are actually race cars that have been developed from the ground up for racing and couldn't be more different.

The body is made entirely of carbon fibre to save weight - GT3 cars weigh around 1,200kg to 1,300kg while putting out over 500bhp.

The massively-wide body of these race cars are designed to produce plenty of downforce, which explains the massive rear spoiler that you see on them.

The engine is probably the only part that's really similar to the road-going Mercedes-AMG GT
According to Craft-Bamboo Racing's Darryl O'Young, these cars are piloted through corners at speeds of 250km/h on certain tracks, attesting to the effectiveness of the aerodynamic package.

On the topic of racing on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, both drivers, Douglas Khoo and Darryl O'Young, from Viper Niza Racing and Craft-Bamboo Racing respectively, agree that it is a special track.

The drivers pointed out that unlike permanent race circuits, you don't get the luxury of repeated practice and testing on the temporary street circuit. The lack of seat time and familiarisation of the track will prove to be a challenge.

Darryl O'Young and Douglas Khoo share their racing experiences with the media
Additionally, street circuits tend to be less forgiving, with barriers and walls lining the sides. A simple mistake can result in catastrophic damage to the race car, and that was what Darryl experienced in his last race in Macau back in 2021 - a big crash at almost 200km/h almost destroyed the race car. Thankfully, the team managed to get the car running and Darryl managed to win the race.

It is clear that the upcoming race on the Marina Bay Street Circuit is going to be a challenging one, but we can see that both drivers are committed to their craft and are determined to achieve a satisfactory result.

Motul 300V is the trusted choice of both Viper Niza Racing and Craft-Bamboo Racing teams
And, Motul plays a crucial role in achieving the win. Darryl explained the importance of reliability and performance in the competitive racing environment, and how both the engine and transmission of the cars are always pushed to the extreme limit in a race.

With Motul's flagship 300V engine oil and Gear Competition oil, both teams have been able to keep the pedal to the metal, and focus on winning the race knowing their race car's powertrain is able to put out maximum performance while enjoying the same high level of reliability.

The Craft-Bamboo Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car in the iconic Motul-red livery will be showcased to the public from today till 25 September 2022 at the atrium on Level 1 of Great World. Head on down to have a closer look at this mean racing machine!

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