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The Aston Martin DB4 which Hilton & Moss has restored is claimed to be in 'better than new' condition after having gone through a nut-and-bolt restoration.

07 Oct 2022 | International News : U.K.

Hilton & Moss, specialists in the restoration and sales of classic vehicles, have rebuilt from every nut and bolt, wheels to roof, the Silver Birch example of this Aston Martin DB4.

Only a year before the end of its production run in 1963, the legendary legacy of the DB4 was only getting started. The DB4 remains highly revered for its elegant Carrozzeria Touring-borne Italian styling, reinforced by its patented Superleggera tubular and alloy body construction.

The DB4's engine was given an overhaul and now possesses a racier 4.2-litre that has been bored out to offer even more performance
Hilton & Moss leveraged its industry-leading expertise in the restoration of Aston Martins and its network of specialist advisers to take the spirit of the hallowed design and combining it with modern day performance engineering.

The mechanical components and performance were treated to a complete overhaul to match the stunning grand tourer's exterior. The racing driver designed powerplant was bored out to a 4.2-litre specification by specialist partner Oselli, lightened, balanced and also converted to run on unleaded fuel, and compressed to combustion by Cosworth-forged pistons.

The four-speed David Brown gearbox was also fully rebuilt with integrated overdrive, providing the driver with a classic feel behind the wheel. Cornering and body roll, meanwhile, are kept in check by a larger anti-roll bar, providing road-holding worthy of a modern day car.

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