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The R8 Coupe V10 GT RWD is the last hurrah of Audi's glorious V10 engine, and will be limited to 333 units worldwide.

06 Oct 2022 | International News : Germany

Audi has revived the Audi R8 GT, 12 years after the premiere of the original R8 GT. This time, the 5.2-litre, V10 engine has been boosted to 602bhp and coupled to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission for faster gearshifts. As a result, the new R8 GT accelerates from zero to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds, and now goes on to a top speed of up to 320km/h.

Audi Sport, which manufactures the new R8 GT mostly by hand at Bollinger Hofe, has included Torque Rear mode in the car. Slippage is controlled on the rear axle by the traction control system (ASR). Seven characteristic curves are stored in the ASR, offering different levels of support.

The R8 GT shaves 20kg off the R8 Coupe V10 performance RWD, courtesy of lighter weight rims and the use of more carbon fibre
Being an R8 GT, there is a weight saving compared to the R8 Coupe V10 performance RWD of around 20kg. The exclusive 20-inch, 10-spoke wheels, which can be combined with high performance Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres, designed for road and racetrack use, also play a key role in reducing weight.

The R8 GT also possesses lightweight forged wheels which are based on Audi's motorsport vehicles. The powerful ceramic braking system, which is standard equipment in the R8 GT, saves additional weight.

In addition, there are R8 bucket seats and the performance sports suspension with the CFRP anti-roll bar. The front anti-roll bar is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Together with the two coupling rod connections made of red anodised aluminium (which protects against corrosion), it reduces weight and increases road-holding and cornering dynamics.

Red seat belts highlight the extra edge that the R8 GT has oveer lesser R8s in the pecking order
To differentiate the new Audi R8 V10 GT RWD from its relatives, the special model is equipped with exclusive add-on parts. The first distinguishing feature is the black 'R8 GT' lettering on the rear. All other emblems are als finished in black.

A carbon fibre engine cover and side blade, and door mirror housings in carbon high gloss will be standard features on R8 GTs in some markets. Additional spec also includes the Bang and Olufsen sound system, an Alcantara diamond headliner and dark tinted laser headlamps.

In the interior, Audi Sport continues its homage to the first R8 GT from 2010. The interior is crafted in a combination of black and red. This includes red belts which are only available in the R8 GT from 12 years ago. The floor mats and the R8 bucket seats feature the lettering of the special model in black and red.

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