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The Black Edition Sportwear range was inspired by McLaren's lightweight supercars to provide wearers with comfort during high intensity to everyday tasks.

03 Nov 2022 | International News : U.K.

Premium sportswear company Castore and McLaren have launched the new Black Edition collection, an innovative sportwear range inspired by McLaren's lightweight supercars, in which functionality meets performance.

The collection includes a range of men's and women's activewear and accessories, crafted to take the wearer from high intensity workouts to everyday tasks. 

Silm Fit Joggers from the collection are designed to offer high levels of comfort in any environment
Each garment combines technical features designed to enhance movement while offering high-end minimalistic design.

Key pieces in this collection include the Seamless 1/4 Zip, designed with detailed panelling for an athletic fit that contours to the wearer's shape.

Also, a weightless Training Tee that is available to maximise movement, along with Slim Fit Joggers that offer supreme comfort in any environment.

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